Wholesale Electricity Market Policy Briefs

Posted by Reports on Oct 8, 2019 10:44:00 AM

Publish Date: October 8, 2019

Wholesale markets have delivered unquestioned benefits for consumers, including improved reliability, lower electricity prices, and improved access for new entrants and technologies.

In 2019, 200 million Americans live in states and regions served by organized wholesale electricity markets where more than $120 billion in energy transactions occur annually in these competitive markets.  Recognizing the benefits advanced energy offers in these markets, AEE has long advocated for technology-neutral markets that allow all resources to compete based on price and performance.

All too often, however, the regulations governing these markets still give preference to older power sources and stand in the way of new, innovative technologies. Outdated rules prevent billions of dollars in investment in advanced energy resources and keep older, less efficient, higher polluting resources in the market. With advanced energy technology costs now lower than many traditional power sources, these artificial barriers to market competition are also costing consumers money.

We recognize these wholesale markets are complex.

Each FERC order, each state, and each RTO/ISO decision has its own intricacies. Recognizing this , AEE created a series of briefs — relevant to policymakers, regulators, and other interested stakeholders — which provide concise information on  wholesale markets and the policy issues that impact advanced energy technologies. 

The issue briefs include:

  • Needed: A Level Playing Field in Wholesale Electricity Markets

  • Market Barriers Prevent Advanced Energy from Competing

  • Transmission Planning for Renewable Energy Access

  • Federal Decision on Grid Operator PJM's Price Rule

  • DER Participation Benefits Wholesale Electricity Markets 

  • Energy Storage Deployment Improves the Power Grid

  • Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Save Costs

  • How CLEAN Future Act Competition and Access Provisions Lower Costs on Path to 100% Clean Energy

  • Needed: Greater Coordination in the Western Electricity Market

  • Advanced Technologies Can Solve Transmission Problems at Lower Cost

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