Voting is our right and our duty as Americans. That’s why at Advanced Energy Economy we are taking some big steps to ensure that this Election Day, and every Election Day moving forward, votes from the clean energy sector count. We hope other organizations, companies, and individuals will join us. 

Make Election Day a Holiday:

We are making national Election Day a paid holiday for team members who prove they voted. Plus, since the stakes in this election are so high for our country, planet, and industry, any member of our team who takes personal time to volunteer and get out the vote this year will receive an extra paid vacation day, in addition to the Election Day holiday. We think of it as “give one for democracy, get one from us.” 

Spread the Word, Share a Selfie:

To show they voted — and to get others to do the same — we’re asking our team members to send us a selfie with their completed mail-in ballot or at the polls on Election Day wearing an “I Voted” sticker. And then share that selfie on social media, using the hashtag #cleanenergyvotes.

You Can Do It Too:

Here’s where you can join in. We need everyone to spread the word that voting counts, this year more than ever. The sooner you vote, the better, because it helps build social pressure for others to vote — as long as they get the hint. Send us your vote-inspiring selfie and we will include it in our gallery below. And we will promote all these photos of voters in action heavily on social media. (Just remember that our goal is to promote the act of voting, not specific candidates.) To add your photo to the gallery, use the hashtag #cleanenergyvotes on any of the following platforms:

In 2020, voting is not an option; it’s a necessity. Join us in showing our friends, neighbors, and elected officials that clean energy votes – and that our votes count. 

Submitting a photo indicates permission to use the photo across all platforms and marketing materials. AEE reserves the right to remove photos at its discretion, including photos that are not relevant to the purpose of this activity or that are deemed inappropriate or offensive. 

Keep it Clean. Keep it Fun. Keep it Non-Partisan. 

The Point isn't Who You Voted For. It's That You Voted. 

Make a Plan to Vote, Check Out Your State's Information Here.

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