How These Advanced Energy Bills Became Laws

Posted by Webinar on Jun 30, 2019 1:19:00 PM

Recorded on July 30, 2019

With many states having concluded their legislative sessions for the year, this webinar took stock of the progress made in securing pro-advanced energy legislation in key states around the country – and how it happened. In states including Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and Indiana, significant legislation promoting renewable energy, electric vehicles, and utility reform was approved by lawmakers – and bills hostile to advanced energy were stopped in their tracks.

AEE and company experts spoke about 2019’s legislative breakthroughs, and one setback. 


  • Suzanne Bertin, Managing Director, Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance 

  • Matt Stanberry, Managing Director, AEE 

  • JR Tolbert, Managing Director, AEE 

  • Erick Karlen, Policy Advisor, Greenlots

  • Mark Stover, Director, Government & Regulatory Affairs, Apex Clean Energy

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Topics: State Policy, Legislative