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Posted by Industry News on Mar 5, 2013

Advanced Energy Economy // Mar 05, 2013

Advanced energy is the economic opportunity of our lifetime. Secure, clean, affordable energy – that’s what the world needs as global energy demand grows a projected 39 percent by 2030. California is, and should be, out in front on making it happen. In doing so, California should disproportionately enjoy the benefits – in technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.

California has long been a leader in energy and environmental policies that can only be realized by advanced energy technologies, products, and services. Renewable energy, energy efficiency, advanced vehicles – California has set a course toward a smarter energy future by making a commitment to all of these. But will it get there? This report puts that question to business leaders who stand ready to meet the challenge.

The genius of America is setting public goals and leaving it to the private sector to achieve them. Except for war, we don’t marshal armies to solve problems. We set expectations and let the market do its work – creating demand, encouraging private initiative, and providing rewards for the best solutions.

In energy and environment, California has set ambitious goals that only the private sector can achieve. It matters what entrepreneurs and business leaders see as the opportunities and challenges in meeting those goals as business propositions. Is there policy certainty sufficient to build a business? Do the programs and incentives align with business imperatives? Are there obstacles that stand in the way of success.

That is what we asked our expert consultants at Analysis Group to find out. They interviewed advanced energy business executives in California privately to get their candid perceptions of the business opportunities California’s nation-leading policies have created. Is the stage set for realizing those opportunities? What could be done to accelerate success?

We hope the answers they provide will help make California the global advanced energy leader it deserves to be.

Graham Richard,

CEO, Advanced Energy Economy
San Francisco

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