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AEE Market Report in GTM: "Advanced Energy Market Tops Global Fashion Industry"

Posted by Katherine Tweed || Greentech Media on Mar 3, 2016

Katherine Tweed, writing for Greentech Media, covered today's release of AEE's Advanced Energy Now 2016 Market Report. From the article: 

The global advanced energy economy is larger than the fashion and apparel industry, and is approaching the size of the global media industry, according to a new report by the Advanced Energy Economy.
The 2015 advanced energy industry is nearly $1.4 trillion, up 17 percent from 2011. The definition of advanced energy used by AEE is broad, encompassing energy supply and demand including electricity generation and delivery, fuel production and delivery, building efficiency, transportation and industry. Technologies ranging from natural-gas-fueled trucks to HVDC power lines to nuclear power all meet the definition.
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