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Grist: COVID-19 pandemic is pushing clean energy businesses to the brink

E&E News: Future Stimulus Bills Could Address Climate. Here's Why

E&E News: 'Reeling.' 30% of Clean Energy Firms Cut Workers – Report

PV Magazine: Arizona Commission Signals Support for 100% Clean Energy by 2050

Virginia Mercury: Virginia Made Big Commitments to Renewables. What Does the Economic Slump Mean for them?

AEE to U.S. Congress, White House: Advanced Energy Now Suffering Impacts, But Should Be Key Contributor to Economic Rebound

S&P Global: Senate Coronavirus Bill Contains Few Energy-Specific Provisions, Offers Some Aid

Utility Dive: Nearly $2T Stimulus Package Omits Direct Renewable Sector Aid after Trump, McConnell Opposition

Renewable Energy World: Three Reasons Why Dual Participation Market Model at NYISO is Best for Energy Storage

The Denver Post: Once Among Fastest-Growing Sectors, Solar Industry Faces Uncertainty because of Tax Credits Declining, Coronavirus Concerns

Utility Dive (Opinion): One Easy to Fix to COVID-19 Disruption of Advanced Energy Development

AEE’s Kreamer Calls on Congress to Switch Clean Energy Tax Credits to Direct Pay

Washington Examiner: How Democrats Gave Virginia's Biggest Utility no Choice but to Commit to 100% Clean Energy

Utility Dive: PJM MOPR Compliance Plan Allays Renewable Sector Concerns of Being Shut Out of Capacity Auctions

GTM2: Virginia Just Created an Energy Storage Market Out of Thin Air

Utility Dive: Florida, Utah, Washington approve bills to boost EVs

Smart Energy Decisions: Understanding the MOPR: What an Obscure FERC Rule Could Mean for Renewable Energy Buyers

S&P Global: Analysis: Oil Price War Increases Power Utilities' Uncertainty over EV Infrastructure Plans

Vox: Virginia Becomes the First State in the South to Target 100% Clean Power

AEE Applauds Florida House Passage of EV Charging Infrastructure Bill, SB 7018

Utility Dive: Indiana Passes Coal Plant Support Bill as Democrats Removed from Conference Committees Deliberations

Florida Politics: House Primed to Pass EV Charging Station Expansion Study

Utility Dive: Clean Energy Bill Marks Dramatic Transition for Virginia Amid Dispute Over Costs to Consumers

Utility Dive: Democratic Senators push to include FERC Reform in Comprehensive Senate Energy Bill

AEE Applauds Florida Senate Passage of EV Charging Infrastructure Bill

Greentech Media: Virginia Mandates 100% Clean Power by 2045

Virginia Senate Completes Passage of Historic Clean Economy Act

Virginia Mercury: Virginia Clean Economy Act Clears General Assembly, Aided by Beefed-up Ratepayer Protections

Associated Press: Sweeping Renewable Energy Bill Poised for Final Passage

Virginia House Passes Landmark Clean Economy Act, Senate Up Next

RTO Insider: Carbon Pricing Gains Popularity – and Doubts

Renewable Energy World: Florida Public Service Commission Approves Largest Community Solar Program in the US

E&E News: Florida Backs Nation's Largest Community Solar Plan

Utility Dive: Florida Signs off on FPL's 1.5 GW Community Solar Program

AEE Reacts to Indiana Senate Vote on Coal Bill

Florida Public Service Commission Approves Landmark FPL Solar Energy Program

Washington Post: Virginia Democrats Push Environmental Change

DailyEnergyInsider: Amended Indiana Coal Proposal Better Suited to Investor-Owned Utilities

Utility Dive: Indiana Senate Strips Controversial Coal Bill of Fuel Oversupply Provision, Drawing Utility Support

Virginia Mercury: Ten Things to Know About the Clean Economy Act

Supply Chain Dive: Jeff Bezos Commits $10B to Climate. How Should He Spend It?

Florida Daily: Florida Sees Growing Electric Vehicle Market

Utility Dive: APS Partners with Clean Energy Business Group to Reach 100% Carbon-Free Target

Arizona Public Service, AEE Announce Arizona Clean Energy Future Project

Virginia Senate Passes Landmark Clean Economy Act

Virginia House Passes Historic Clean Economy Act

Associated Press: Virginia House Passes Major Renewable Energy Legislation

Augusta Free Press: Committee Passes Virginia Clean Economy Act, Sends to Senate Floor

Sunday Recap: Virginia Senate Committee Passes Clean Economy Act

E&E News: Coronavirus Threatens the Energy Sector. Here's Why

Virginia Mercury: At Senate Panel, a Clash Over the Costs of Shifting Away from Carbon

Key House Committee Passes Virginia Clean Economy Act

Virginia Clean Economy Act Advances from Key Subcommittee

Indy Star: Controversial Coal Bill Passes off the House Floor, Heads to Indiana Senate

AEE Reacts to Indiana House Vote for Coal Bill

Houston Chronicle: Automakers All In on Electric Cars, Even as Sales Dip

Washington Examiner: FERC Order Doesn't Doom Renewables One Company Says

Energy News Network: A Pointless Mandate or a Trojan Horse? Intrigue Surrounds Indiana Coal Bill

T&D World: APS to Deliver 100% Clean, Carbon-Free Electricity by 2050

Colorado Springs Business Journal: Clean Energy is Smart Business

Washington Examiner: FERC Pressured to Revisit Order Targeting Renewables

Inside INdiana Business: Study: Indiana Could Benefit From More Renewable Energy

Utility Dive: FERC MOPR Order May Have 'Paradoxically Unintended Consequences': PJM

Daily Independent: APS Sets Course for 100% Clean Energy Future

Energy News Network: FERC's 'Minimum Offer' Rule Adds to the Already High Price Tag for Ohio HB 6

Meeting Corporate Demand for Renewable Energy Is Economic Boon for Indiana

Clean Energy Groups Ask for Rehearing of FERC’s PJM MOPR Order

Virginia Mercury: Senate Committee Gives the Nod to Nuclear as Part of Renewables Transition

Utility Dive: NY Says New Renewables Financing Options to Reduce Developers' Financial Risk, Save $4.6B

Utility Dive: U.S. Renewable Resources on Steady Course for Increased Deployment

Utility Dive: How Much–and How Fast–Will Colorado Change Utility Business Model

POLITICO: Gas, Coal Generators Defend FERC's PJM Capacity Market Order

Virginia Mercury: The Virginia Clean Economy Act is a Giant Leap Forward for Virginia Energy Policy

Utility Dive: 2020 Outlook — 10 Trends Driving the U.S. Power Sector

POLITICO Pro: PJM to ask FERC for Rehearing on Pricing Order as Nukes, Renewables Plot Exit

AEE Applauds Ambitious, Achievable U.S. House Dem Committee Leaders' Proposal for 100% Clean Energy

Virginia Mercury: With New Democratic Leaders, General Assembly Faces Flood of Energy Proposals

Miami Herald: Electric Vehicle Sales are Up, but in Some States Charging Stations are Hard to Find

Stateline News (Pew): Got an Electric Car? Great! Where Do You Plug it in?

Virginia Mercury: Natural Gas Development is Speeding Up in Virginia. Legislators Will Have to Square That With State Climate Goals.

S&P Global: Renewables Face 2020 Challenges that Could End Eastern Capacity Markets

Greentech Media: Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2019

E&E News: FERC Throws Support to Fossil Fuels in Largest Power Market

Utility Dive: Virginia, Maryland unveil 100% Clean Energy Plans, but NGOs Not Satisfied

Utility Dive: FERC Move to Raise PJM Capacity Market Bids Shows 'Clear Bias' Against New, Clean Generation: Glick

AEE Statement on FERC’s Order on PJM ‘Minimum Offer Price Rule’

Augusta Free Press: Virginia Clean Economy Act: Ambitious Goals for Environment

Lawmakers, Advocates, Unveil Historic Clean Energy Legislation in Virginia

Greentech Media: FERC Orders PJM to Restrict State-Backed Renewables in its Capacity Market

POLITICO: FERC Decision Looms Over PJM Capacity Market

Smart Energy Decisions: 2019: A Banner Year for Corporate Renewable Energy

Report: Meeting Corporate Demand for Renewables Energy Would Be Economic Boon for Florida

CalMatters: How California Can Wake From the Wildfire-Blackout Nightmare

Utility Dive: Is FERC Overstepping its Authority and Hurting Renewables? States, Power Groups Question PURPA Plan

More Workers in Nevada Advanced Energy than in Real Estate

AEE Files Comments on FERC's Proposed PURPA Revisions

Bucks County Courier Times: Mensch Energy Infrastructure Bill goes to House

Utility Dive: 2019 Holiday Wish List: Power Sector Edition

Utility Dive: Nevada Governor Orders Plans for Economy-Wide Carbon Reductions

AEE Applauds Governor Sisolak for Executive Order to Strengthen Nevada’s Clean Energy Leadership

Microgrid Knowledge: Texas Customers Could Save $5.47 Billion with DERs, but Regulations Must Change

AEE Applauds Pennsylvania Senate for Passage of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Bill

DailyEnergyInsider: Diverse Team on Energy Rivals Debate Roles in Future Energy Strategy (at NARUC)

Houston Chronicle: Integrating Smaller Power Generators Could Save Texans $5.5B

Greentech Media: Texas — Where Distributed Energy's Potential Exceeds its Market Access

The Time of Northwest Indiana: Guest Commentary: Braun, Republicans pursuing common-sense, bipartisan climate solutions

Greentech Media: Michigan's Comprehensive Approach to a Complicated Distributed Energy Future

Business Group Applauds Pennsylvania Senate Committee Passage of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Bill

Virginia Mercury: Dominion's Green Energy Package Comes with a Catch: Coal. Businesses aren't Happy

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Opinion): Harrison Godfrey, Matthew Cox: Let's Turn the Page on Energy in Virginia

Energy News Network: Michigan Energy Regulators Aim to Prioritize "Action" Over "Fancy Reports"

The Denver Post: Leading Residential Solar Company Expands Denver Headquarters, Expects More Growth

Business Groups Applaud Michigan Plan to Modernize Power Grid

Politico: FERC Tees Up Orders

Energy Central: How Wholesale Markets Work – and Don't

Energy News Network: Federal Policy Could Unlock New Value From Rooftop Solar and Home Batteries

Utility Dive: Minnesota Shuts Down Oil, Manufacturing Groups' Attempt to Derail Xcel EV Pilot

AEE Launches Policy Briefs on Wholesale Markets

Washington Examiner: Wondering What Trump's Latest Nominee Would Mean for the Electric Grid

Virginia Mercury (Opinion): Virginia's New Renewable Energy Goals Can Spur Job Creation, If Combined with Action from the General Assembly

The Washington Post: Trump breaks with tradition by tapping only a Republican for key energy panel

Utility Dive: Coal-heavy States Press FERC For Any Action on Resilience to Help Troubled Generators

T&D World: Globally and in the U.S., EVs Are Getting Charged Up

T&D World: Smart Meters Make a Comeback, While Energy Storage and Microgrids Surge

More Workers in Florida Advanced Energy Than in Real Estate, Triple Those in Ag, With 5% Growth Expected

Tampa Bay Times: Saving Electricity Employs More Floridians Than Alternative Energy

Microgrid Knowledge: Why Regulators Should Grant DERs More Wholesale Market Access: Report

Report: Virginia Would Gain from Transition to Clean Electricity

Denver Post: "Efficiency" Jobs Make Up 22% of Colorado's Energy Sector, New Report Says

Utility Dive: Trump Administration Threatens California Emissions Authority as State Continues EV-Focus

Augusta Free Press: Virginia Advanced Energy Economy on Northam, Clean Energy

Virginia AEE Reacts to Gov. Northam's call for 100% Clean Energy

Politico: FERC to Close Market Oversight Division in Office Reorganization

CNBC: First National Platform for Renewable Energy Helps Consumers Slash Electric Bills up to 20%

RTO Insider: FERC Sends DER Data Request to RTOs

S&P Global: Battling to Close U.S. Coal Plants, Environmentalists Align with Utilities

The Denver Post: Three Colorado Fortune 500 Companies Try To Turn Might Into Right – For the Environment

Report: Five Case Studies Show DER Benefits Wholesale Electricity Markets

Colorado Times Recorder: Colorado's Clean Energy Industry Projected to Grow

NBC News: It Will Take Many Years to Close the Gender Gap in the Global Energy Sector

The Denver Post: Colorado Clean Energy Industry Set to Expand 9%, Outpacing National Average, Report Says

Indiana Public Radio: Advanced Energy Job Sector Growing in Indiana

Colorado Advanced Energy Jobs Exceed Those in Hospitals, 9% Growth Expected

PV Magazine: Clean Energy Groups, Allies Call for Overhaul of the Transmission Grid

WISHTV News: Tuesday's Business Headlines – Clean Energy (Jobs)

Inside INdiana Business: Growth of Hoosier Jobs in Clean Energy Sector

Indiana Advanced Energy Employment Reaches 90,600 with Strong 4% Growth

Smart Energy Decisions: Here’s What Big EVs Can Do For You

T&D World: Advanced Transmission Technology Growth is Strong Globally

T&D World: Solar Drives U.S. Revenue Growth While Nuclear Sees a Global Bump

E&E NEWS: 5 Utility Trends Shaping Electricity's Future

Utility Dive: Wisconsin Governor Orders 100% Carbon Free by 2050, Despite Lack of Legislative Support

T&D World: Advanced Energy Jobs Experience Growth in Virginia

E&E News: Clean Energy Groups Back FERC in Battery Storage Lawsuit

The Hill (Opinion): To Cash In on Innovation, Remove Market Barriers for Advanced Energy Technologies

Utility Dive (Opinion): Leading by Example: Lawmakers Should Set Up Performance Contracts on Federal Buildings

Virginia Mercury: Northern Virginia Continues to Dominate Advanced Energy Jobs, Report Shows

Augusta Free Press: Report — Growth in Virginia jobs in Advanced Energy

More Workers in Virginia Advanced Energy Than in Hospitals, Double Those in Real Estate

Utility Dive: Dominion's 100% Renewables Tariff Could Kill Virginia's Retail Choice Ambitions

GreentechMedia: Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2019 — So Far

Utility Dive: Performance Based Regulation — Seeking the New Utility Business Model

PV Magazine: AEE Releases Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fact Sheet

Commercial Fleet Operators Eye Advantages of Electric Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Energy News Network: Illinois Will Take More Time to Consider Customer Impact of Cloud Software

Forbes: 4 Reasons Renewables Will Continue to Dominate Fossil Fuels

Forbes: Conservative Indiana Chooses Renewables Over Gas as It Retires Coal Early

Utility Dive: NV Energy to Add 1.2 GW Solar, 2.3 GWh Storage as Large Customer Exit Slows

Virginia Town & City: Advanced Energy Gains Momentum in Virginia

Squeaky Clean Energy Podcast: Live from Advanced Energy Now|East: Google, Microsoft and More

Windpower Engineering: Nevada Passes Unparalleled Number of Clean-energy Bills

Energy Central: UK RIIO Sets Out to Demo How a Performance-Based Reg Model Can Deliver Value

Electric Power & Light: Six Steps to Help Large Customers Satisfy Their Renewable Energy Appetite

Microgrid Knowledge: Texas Utility Commission to Take Up Utility Ownership of Storage Assets

E&E News: Meet 9 State Regulators Who Are 'Shaking Things Up'

PV Magazine: #Solar100's Nat Kreamer: Clean Energy's Captain America

Ohio LTE: This is Not the 1950's

How Market Barriers Prevent Advanced Energy Participation in Wholesale Markets

Ohio AEE Denounces Bill to Prop Up Failing Power Plants at Expense of Advanced Energy Resources that Support 112,000 Ohio Jobs

PoliticoPro: FERC Affirms Storage Order

Fox11 News (Reno): Assembly Passes Bill Funding Electric School Buses, Semi-Trucks

Utility Dive (Opinion): Allowing DERs to Participate in Wholesale Markets Does Not Trample State and Local Authority

Utility Dive: Illinois Utilities Push Cloud Computing Rules to Remove Tech Investment Disincentive

Smart Energy Decisions: How to Get Utilities and Regulators to Provide Renewable Energy Options that Work for Your Company

Virginia AEE Lauds Approval of Dominion Energy Efficiency Programs

Washington Examiner: Clean Energy Industry Earned Record Revenues in 2018 Worldwide

Inside Sources: Green Energy, Industry Advocates Call Ohio Bill a Bailout for Nuclear Energy

Report: Advanced Energy Hit Record $1.6T Worldwide in 2018; U.S. Revenue Grew Nearly 4 Times as Fast as GDP

Investor Ideas: Nevada Governor Signs Strengthened Clean Energy Standards into Law

Indianapolis Star: Embattled Former EPA Head Scott Pruitt is a Lobbyist in Indiana. This is who he Works for.

AEE Applauds Nevada Governor, State Legislators for Passage of RPS Bill

San Francisco Chronicle: PG&E seeks higher rates, drops board member in bid for Wall Street's favor

Solar Power World: Advanced Energy Releases Guide to Help Corporations Procure Renewable Energy

RTO Insider: FERC: ISO-NE Won’t Change EE Rules Without Stakeholder Talks

For States Seeking to Increase Corporate Access to Renewable Energy, New Guide Offers Practical Advice

AEE Reacts to FERC Ruling on ISO-NE Petition Regarding Efficiency Resources

The Toledo Blade: Lawmakers face accusations that bill is nuclear 'bailout'

Daily Energy Insider: Sens. Gardener, Heinrich introduce bill to establish investment tax credit for energy storage

Ohio AEE Opposes House Bill to Bail Out Aging Money-Losing Power Plants

Utility Dive: Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Proposes Extending Tax Credits for Electric, Fuel Cell Vehicles

Daily Energy Insider: Renewable Energy Industry Encourages Illinois Regulators to Finalize Cloud-Based Computing Rule

Houston Chronicle (Opinion): Texas' energy needs are changing. Legislature needs to keep up.

Indiana Advanced Energy Economy Opposes SB 472 as Amended

RTO Insider: FERC Asks RTOs for more Details on Storage Rules

Washington Examiner: Automakers Vow to Continue EV Push Despite Trump's Fuel Rules Rollback

The Roanoke Times (op-ed): Smart emission markets benefit our economy and families

The Washington Post (Opinion): A missed opportunity in Virginia to embrace renewable energy

Windpower Engineering: Advanced Energy Jobs up 4%, Growing Twice as Fast as overall U.S. Employment

Advanced Energy Gains 125,000 Jobs in 2018, Growing Twice as Fast as U.S. Employment Overall

Washington Examiner: Big problem facing the Green New Deal: A lack of power lines to deliver wind and solar

Windpower Engineering: Nevada to join U.S. Climate Alliance

Utility Dive (Opinion): BQDM Program Demonstrates Benefits of Non-traditional Utility Investments

Governing: The Green New Deal? It's Already Happening in Our Communities

Utility Dive: Consumers Shouldn't Pay for Bureaucratic Thinking on Electricity

Yale Climate Connections: Is the Grid Ready for Electric Vehicles?

Forbes: Maximizing Distributed Energy Resources: Global Insights on... Grid Regs

CleanTechnica: Electric Vehicles Can Lower Electricity Prices

Washington Post (AP): Walmart stuck with Dominion, setting up potential fight

RTO Insider: Groups Seek to Head off ISO-NE EE Changes

AEE Challenges EPA Fuel Efficiency Standards Rollback for Light-Duty Vehicles

AEE Asks FERC to Address ISO New England's Process for Measuring Energy Efficiency Resources

Utility Dive: Tesla, others question storage hourly requirements, charges in Order 841 compliance plans

Utility Dive: Oklahoma's energy efficiency incentives give facilities a business reason to save customers money

Utility Dive: New governors accelerate clean energy action, propelled by Democratic midterm wave

Utility Dive: Want better grid mod proceedings? Exelon official says involve stakeholders earlier

Fredericksburg Freelance-Star (Opinion): Let's get grid modernization right in Virginia

Forbes: Electric Vehicles Benefit Utility Customers as Much as Their Owners

GreentechMedia: Advanced Energy Jobs and AEE's Ingram

RTO Insider: Utility CEOs Urge PJM Board to Act on Price Formation

Law360: PG&E's Ch.11 Brings Rift With FERC Over Power Deals

SmartGrid Today: AEE urges 116th Congress to act on grid modernization

Advanced Energy Economy Recommends Policy Priorities to 116th Congress

Advanced Energy Economy Appoints Allison Ingram to Head Finance and Operations

Utility Dive: Navigating utility business model reform - A practical guide

GreentechMedia: The Top 10 Utility Regulatory Trends of 2018

Utility Dive: The Keystone State may have found the key to the next wave of transportation electrification

Vox: Texas’s wind and sunlight complement each other exceptionally well. That’s huge for its grid.

Energy News Network: Sharing systems could help building owners get more from microgrids

S&P Global: Outlook 2019: Big Year for power, natgas players under FERC

RTO Insider: Ailing Chair, Resilience Inquiry Topped FERC News in 2018

Northern Nevada Business View: NV Energy’s $198 million renewable energy expansion approved

GreentechMedia: California Regulators Open a New Chapter in Utility EV Charging Policy

Utility Drive: Energy groups pan NERC generation retirement report for 'extreme' assumptions

AEE Reacts to NERC Assessment of Power Plant Retirements on Grid Reliability

Facility Executive (Column): Ease the Challenge of Navigating Energy Policy

RTO Insider (Opinion): Large Buyers — Don't Stop Our Renewable Energy Purchases

The Hill: White House jumps into fight over energy subsidies

Breitbart: The Terminator insists U.S. will help battle climate change

Washington Examiner: Trump's GM threats put electric vehicles at risk

CIOReview: Utilities Lead the Way to Our Cloud Future

Solar Power World: California storage bill and Michigan utility resource plan were top 2018 trending issues on AEE [PowerSuite]

CleanTechnica: U.S. energy industry urges Congress to fix ITC eligibility for energy storage

Top Energy Bills, Dockets, Policy Topics of 2018, According to PowerSuite

Utility Dive: Energy storage industry pushes for clarity on tax credit eligibility

Utility Dive (Opinion): Distribution system planning: Proactively planning for more distributed assets at the grid edge

Forbes: These Seven New Governors May Be the Biggest Election Boon for Climate and Clean Energy

Virginia AEE Cheers Amazon HQ2 Choice for Jobs, Energy Innovation

Utility Dive: Report offers 10 options to preserve utility role amid clean energy transition

pv magazine: The James Bond of solar takes the reins at Advanced Energy Economy

Report & Case Studies: Navigating Utility Business Model Reform

Utility Dive: Clean energy platforms win at the state level as 7 governor seats shift blue

AEE, AEE Institute Announce New CEO

AEE Congratulates Governor-elect Sisolak; Applauds Vote to Increase RPS

Utility Dive: Lower Rocky Mountain Power efficiency targets put trade-off with renewables into focus

Utility Dive: Pennsylvania Utilities Push Back on 'Prescriptive' Ratemaking Regulation

pv Magazine: Top States and Races to Watch for Clean Energy on Election Day

Utility Dive: 4 State Ballot Initiatives the Utility Sector Will Watch on Election Day

Virginia AEE Applauds Gov. Plan for VW Settlement Funds

Capitol Weekly (Opinion): To California’s next governor: Think clean economy

RTO Insider: Overheard at OMS 2018 Annual Meeting

Washington Examiner: Republicans learn to love wind and solar jobs after once mocking them

Inside INdiana Business: Former Indiana Chamber VP to Lead Indiana AEE

Indiana AEE Releases Latest Jobs Data, Announces New Program Leader for State

Washington Examiner: Clean Energy Group Releases Scorecard for Governor Candidates

Utility Dive: AEE Keeps Tabs on Gubernatorial Candidates in Key Energy States

Where Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Energy Policy in Key State Races

The Nevada Independent: Laxalt, Sisolak Far Apart on Energy Policies Including Higher RPS, New Scorecard Finds

Greentech Media: California to Hike Fees for Community Choice Aggregators, Direct Access Providers

Solar Builder: EV Update: Seven steps for regulators, New York rebate, EVgo ramps deployment

Solar Builder: Virginia readies energy plan that calls for 3 GW of solar, wind by 2022

GreentechMedia: How a New California Law Will Expand the State’s Competitive Energy Market

Virginia AEE Calls Gov. Northam's Energy Plan "Smart, Proactive"

AEE Applauds Gov. Brown for Signing Suite of Bills Accelerating Advanced Energy

Energy Manager Today: As CA Governor Issues Legislative Update, AEE Applauds Past Efforts

Real Clear Energy (Opinion): Coal, Nuclear Bailout Will Make Americans Less Rich

Midwest Energy News: Illinois Commerce Commission seeks input on electric vehicles

SCC Hearing: Virginia could save $1.7B with more solar, efficiency resources

The Columbus Dispatch (Opinion): Ohio should embrace advanced-energy technology

Large Energy Buyers Applaud Gov. Brown Signing Calif. Law Expanding Customer Choice

7 Steps State Regulators Should Take to Prepare for a Surge in Electric Vehicles

Renewable Energy World: Top Seven Ways Energy Regulators Should Prepare for EV Surge

Utility Dive: EV charging providers scale up amid a 'revolution in transportation'

AEE Praises Gov. Brown for Signing EV Bills

Politico Florida: Business trade group calls for next governor to increase renewable energy

Florida Advanced Energy Jobs Growing; 6 Policies for Next Governor to Keep This Trend Going

CleanTechnica: California Governor Brown Signs Law Requiring 100% Clean Energy By 2045

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Clean energy businesses/advocates make the case for more green

Washington Examiner: Energy industry looks to take blockchain beyond Bitcoin 

Calif. Governor Signs 100% Clean Energy Bill

PV Magazine: Minnesota groups back higher renewables mandate

Virginia Mercury (Opinion): Advanced energy: Thousands of Virginia jobs rely on it

Top Six Ways Minnesota's Next Gov. can Expand Clean Energy, Jobs

Greentech Media: California Legislative Roundup: What Passed, and What Didn’t

Daily Energy Insider: California legislature advances electric vehicle charging infrastructure bill

Washington Examiner: Daily on Energy: Iran’s oil exports drop faster than expected under Trump sanctions threat

Quartz: California is poised to be the world’s largest economy with a zero-emissions goal

Utility Dive: California passes bill to coordinate EV charger planning

AEE Applauds Passage of Calif. 100% Clean Energy Law

AEE, EBC to Explore Energy Blockchain Potential for Industry

California Passes Landmark Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Bill

PV Magazine: EPA’s Clean Power Plan replacement unlikely to have much impact on clean energy

AEE's Woolf: EPA CPP rule is costly, favors old technology

Greentech Media: Trump’s Reversal of Clean Power Plan Won’t Hurt Renewables, but It May Boost Coal

Greeley Tribune: Report: Advanced energy jobs expected to grow 8 percent in Colorado

Virginia advanced energy jobs outnumber grocery, hotel workers

Sacramento Bee (Opinion): California plays a leading, effective role

The Denver Post: Colorado’s alternative energy economy boosted by wind and biofuels

More Colorado advanced energy jobs than hospitals, 8% growth expected

Greentech Media: PG&E Reflects on ‘Huge Uncertainty’ Created by California’s Wildfires

AEE Members Urge California Policymakers to Accelerate Energy Leadership

California Leads in Advanced Energy Jobs, 10% Growth Expected in 2018

Five Ways Congress Can Improve U.S. Power Grid

SolarWakeup: Hey Politicians: Clean Energy Jobs – Which Are Booming – Can Be An Electoral Winner If You Play It Right

Utility Dive (opinion): Can a 'DER Authority' fix the utility information problem to boost clean energy?

San Antonio Express-News (editorial): No reason to bail out coal industry

GreentechMedia: Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2018—So Far

GreenBiz: 6 essential elements of successful utility renewable programs

Ohio Has More Advanced Energy Jobs than in Education, Double Those at Auto Dealers

The Washington Examiner (opinion): As large energy consumers, we oppose power plant bailouts

New Mexico Has More Advanced Energy Workers than in Ag or Call Centers

Politico: Auto rule rollback could hinge on highway deaths

Houston Chronicle (column): Pity Rick Perry, President Donald Trump wants him to blow up electricity markets he pioneered

Energy News Network: ‘Virginia is changing fast’ when it comes to clean energy

Bloomberg News: Trump’s Power Plan Could Cost $35 Billion, Opponents’ Report Says

Washington Examiner: Trump's coal bailout could cost $17.2 billion per year

Power plant bailout could exceed $34 billion

Houston Chronicle: Perry's bailout plan could cost more than $34 billion, study says

Nevada Has More Clean Energy Jobs than in Mining, Nearly Twice those in Education

Nevada Independent: 'Advanced' energy jobs growing in Nevada, new report states

Utility Dive: Arizona regulators open first U.S. transactive energy docket

Utility Dive (opinion): Make or buy for utilities: Putting services and capital investments on a level playing field

Arkansas Business: PSC Sets New Efficiency Targets For Investor-Owned Power Utilities

Morning Consult (opinion): Elevating Clean Energy Policy and Advocacy During Midterm Elections

RTO Insider: Commenters Divided on DER Aggregation, State, LDC Roles

Greentech Media: 4 Bold State Clean Energy Road Maps

RTO Insider: Commenters Divided on DER Aggregation, State, LDC Roles

Vox: Electric vehicles are gaining momentum, despite Trump

Energy News Network: Ohio bill would relax wind setbacks — and clean energy standards

Energy News Network: Does Virginia have the pieces in place for an offshore wind boom?

Herald Dispatch (opinion): Trump's power plant plan defies market trends

Nevada Current: Clean energy groups outline agenda for Nevada

How Nevada's Next Governor Can Expand Clean Energy, Jobs

Six ways New Mexico can expand advanced energy, economy

GreenBiz: Will the energy revolution end in democratization?

Public News Service: Energy Efficiency Has Big Business Potential in Arkansas

Five Ways California's Next Governor Can Grow Economy, Create Jobs

NBC Nightly News: Industry experts condemn Trump plan to bolster faltering power plants

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Opinion): Subsidizing coal plants is a bad, expensive idea

Utility Dive: The energy sector is driving job growth, but not where you think

Charged: U.S. energy regulators issue a new storage rule with important implications for EVs

WSJ (editorial): Rick Perry’s Obama Imitation: His intrusion to save coal and nuclear plants is as bad as renewable subsidies

Wall Street Journal: Energy Department Prepares New Plan to Prop Up Nuclear, Coal-Fired Power Plants

Broad energy coalition condemns federal action to subsidize failing coal, nuclear plants

Illinois offers new rule for utility investment in cloud IT services

New York Times: A Year After Trump’s Paris Pullout, U.S. Companies Are Driving a Renewables Boom

Midwest Energy News: Illinois AG objects to incentives for smart meter cloud computing

Utility Dive: Cybersecurity and the distributed grid: A double-edged sword

Forbes: Trump Administration May Give Mouth-To-Mouth To Resuscitate Coal Industry

Midwest Energy News: Business group offers Ohio candidates a clean energy road map

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Wind turbine setback reform gets mixed reaction

Microgrid Knowledge: Message to FERC: Think Beyond Bulk Power to Achieve Grid Resilience

Ohio Advanced Energy Roadmap to Grow Economy, Jobs

U.S. Advanced Energy Posts Big Jobs Gains, Employing 3.4 Million Across Nation

Washington Examiner (Opinion): Trump’s Energy Dept. cries ‘emergency’ in pursuit of coal and nuke bailout

Utility Dive: Texas smart meter settlement could grow market for energy products

Broad Energy Coalition Submits Legal Concerns to DOE on Emergency Bailout of Power Plants

Axios: Legal shot across Perry's bow

Houston Chronicle: Effort to revive coal tests Rick Perry's devotion to free markets

Forbes (Opinion): America's Utility of The Future Forms Around Performance-Based Regulation

Philadelphia Business Journal (Opinion): Electric vehicles: Plug in, turn on, clean up

Energy News Network: Virginia efficiency programs due for windfall, but will it be well spent?

Major Corporations Urge DOE Reject Costly Support for Some Power Plants

Daily Energy Insider: AEE urges Energy Dept. to deny requested emergency support for coal, nuclear plants

AEE Urges DOE Reject 'Emergency' Support of Coal, Nuclear Plants

Utility Dive: Performance-based regulation: How Minnesota is inching toward a new oversight model

Greentech Media (and others): New York Boosts Efficiency Target, Makes Way for More Solar and Energy Storage

PV Magazine: Getting solar power in Illinois beyond FEJA

Applauding New York’s Bold New Energy Efficiency Target

Advanced Energy Roadmap for Illinois

Virginian-Pilot (Opinion): Virginia moves closer to increasing clean energy

Washington Examiner: Closing Rust Belt nuke plants makes carbon pollution worse: Study

RTO Insider: Gatekeeper or Facilitator? FERC Panels Debate EDCs’ DER Role

Washington Examiner (Opinion): Electricity Customers Want Competition

Virginia AEE Supports DEQ Carbon Regulations, Sees Significant Economic Impact

The Hill (Opinion): Make Energy Infrastructure Great Again

The Cleveland Plain Dealer: FirstEnergy DOE emergency appeal another ruse for "bailout" say opponents

Daily Energy Insider: AEE: U.S. policy, Trump’s infrastructure plan must include nation’s power grid

The Hill: Energy groups, greens slam utility’s plea for emergency rescue

Reuters: FirstEnergy seeks emergency lifeline for U.S. nuclear, coal plants

AEE Reacts to FirstEnergy Request for Emergency Support of Coal, Nuclear Plants

Five Ways Congress, Administration Can Modernize U.S. Energy Infrastructure

Roanoke Times (Opinion): Governor, appoint an SCC Commissioner – and point Virginia toward advanced energy

CleanTechnica: Microsoft Signs “Largest” U.S. PPA for 315 Megawatts of Virginia Solar Farm

Virginia AEE lauds Microsoft’s investment in 500 MW Solar Project

Energy Central: FERC has extended deadline for comments on grid resiliency

SmartGrid Today Podcast: AEE's Waggoner on Utility Earnings in a Service-Oriented World

Grid Geeks: Storage Takes Over the Universe

AEE Applauds Virginia Utility Regulation Bill

Advanced Energy Leadership Award Goes to U.S. Rep. Costello

Calif. Capitol Weekly: Electric vehicles in the fast lane

Houston Chronicle: People in Business (Jim Steffes Joins AEE Board)

Midwest Energy News: Illinois regulators look to cloud computing to boost smart grid

Utility Dive: FERC order opens 'floodgates' for energy storage in wholesale markets

SmartGrid Today: AEE Adds Nine Board Members

AEE Applauds FERC Action on Energy Storage, DERs

Bloomberg News: Batteries Set to Compete Against Generators in Power Markets

Market Leaders Join AEE, AEE Institute Boards

Wall Street Journal: Budget Would Boost Fossil Fuels While Slashing Renewable Energy

Daily Energy Insider: Demand reduction strategies could save Indiana up to $2.3B AEE report says

Utility Dive: Rate design for a DER future

GreentechMedia: Trump Signs Budget Bill With Relief for ‘Orphan’ Energy Technologies

AEE on Energy Extenders in U.S. Budget Deal

Peak Demand Reduction Can Save Indiana $2.3 Billion

AEE on the President's State of the Union

Report: Utility Earnings Options for Evolving Grid, Market

Utility Commissioners Discuss Regulatory Oversight of Evolving Power Grid

AEE on Gov. Brown's ZEV Executive Order

AEE Reacts to Calif. Gov. Brown's State of State

The Hill (Opinion): Trump can keep America energy dominant with advanced energy

Consumer Reports: Going Solar Still a Good Idea Despite New Tariff

Clean Technica: Trump Imposes 30% Imported Solar Tariff, Threatens 23,000 Jobs In 2018

GreenBiz: Buyers brace as Trump slaps tariffs on solar imports

Corporate Buyers Weigh in on Solar Tariffs

Bloomberg: Better Thermostat Passwords May Deter Cyber Attacks on Grid

AEE Institute Report: Cybersecurity in a Distributed Energy Future

Major Corporate Buyers Weigh in on FERC Action

Wall Street Journal: Federal Regulators Rule Against Trump Administration on Power Plants

AEE Statement on FERC Action on DOE Proposed Grid Rule

Joint Energy Trade Groups React to FERC Action

Washington Post: The ‘bomb cyclone’ is contradicting Rick Perry’s argument for coal

Politico: Sec. Perry Pushes Massive Subsidies for Coal (Editorial Cartoon)

AEE Releases Year-end Top Energy Issues Resources

U.S. Tax Bill Missed Pro-Growth Opportunity

AEE Applauds Illinois Commerce Commission

GreentechMedia: The Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2017

Washington Post: An American energy plan straight from coal country

New York Times (editorial): The Trump Administration’s Coal Bailout

Ohio Healthcare, Advanced Energy Business Leaders Urge Lawmakers to Support Renewables, Efficiency

FERC Decision on Energy Efficiency Resources

AEE Reacts to Senate Tax Reform Bill

Bloomberg News: Trump’s Coal Man Is Racing Against the Clock to Bail Out Plants

Daily Energy Insider: Consumer, business groups join Affordable Energy Coalition in opposition to DOE grid proposal

AEE Reacts to House Tax Reform Bill Passage

The Washington Post: Apple, JetBlue (and AEE) among speakers to discuss sustainability

Houston Chronicle: For coal magnate tied to Trump and Perry, accusations of government 'bailout'

AEE Institute, NECEC Applaud Rhode Island on Grid Transformation Steps

AEE Joins Transportation Electrification Accord

AEE on Joint Industry Reply Comments to FERC

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Opinion): For economic growth, the next governor should look to advanced energy

AEE Supports NY PSC Order on DER Oversight

Financial Times: Big U.S. corporate names object to Trump’s power plan

Advanced Energy Buyers Group Opposes FERC Grid Rule

AEE Joins Broad Energy Groups in Comments Opposing FERC Rule

AEE Opposes Ohio Bill that Weakens RPS

AEE on EPA Proposal to Withdraw Clean Power Plan

AEE Joins Broad Energy Groups Calling on FERC for Proper Review of Unusual DOE Proposed Rule

AEE Reacts to DOE Sec. Perry Proposed FERC Rule

Advanced Energy Buyers File Letter in Solar Trade Case

AEE's Ganesan Testifies Before U.S. House Energy Subcommittee

Washington Post coverage of DOE Study quotes AEE CEO Graham Richard

AEE Addresses Seven Issues in Power System Reform

Advanced Energy Buyers Group to Focus on Policy for Corporate Procurement

Indiana Public Media coverage of DOE Study includes AEE's Ganesan and Tolbert

Event at Salesforce Focuses on Energy Savings for Indiana

Reuters coverage of DOE Study quotes AEE CEO Graham Richard

Bloomberg coverage of DOE Study quotes AEE CEO Graham Richard

Los Angeles Times coverage of DOE Study quotes AEE CEO Graham Richard

New York Times quotes AEE CEO Graham Richard in Report on DOE Study

AEE on DOE Grid Study

San Francisco Chronicle quotes AEE's Chadima on California's proposed expanded EV incentives

SNL covers AEE's comments on FERC confirmations

Ars Technica cites AEE in discussion of ground-source heat pumps

Mich. PSC Forum Explores Changes in Distribution System Planning

AEE Statement on FERC Confirmation and Quorum

RTO Insider covers AEE's reaction to FERC Commissioner Confirmations

Former Chamber Energy Expert to Lead Indiana AEE

North Carolina Gov. Signs HB589, Supports Solar, Halts Wind

Ohio Event at Great Lakes Brewing Co. Focuses on Advanced Energy Cost Savings

Report: Eight principles for utility renewable energy tariff programs

SJ Merc News Reports on Tesla Model 3, AEE SVP Steve Chadima comments

Nevada Roundtables Highlight Energy Savings Potential

AEE Applauds Bipartisan Passage of Calif. Cap-and-Trade Extension

AEE Applauds Proposal for California Cap-and-Trade Program

VIDEO - E&E OnPoint sits down with Analysis Group’s Paul Hibbard to discuss report funded by AEE and AWEA, upcoming DOE grid report

KGO News Interviews Graham Richard on Transformative Effects of EVs

Ohio House Rejects Senate's Wind Setback Fix

Business Groups Applaud NYSERDA's New Chief

Richmond Times-Dispatch Covers AEE’s Memo to Gubernatorial Candidates

Greentech Media quotes AEE Senior VP Steve Chadima

New York Confirms PSC Commissioners

Solar Industry Magazine covers AEE statement to next VA gov.: How to make energy ‘secure, clean and affordable’

Sacramento Bee’s Dan Morain on McFadden’s comments at AEE conference

Next Virginia Gov. Can Drive Economy, Make Energy More Secure, Clean, Affordable

Utility Dive reports renewable energy is not a threat to grid reliability; cites AEE/AWEA report

InsideClimate News quotes AEE study, changing energy mix is not hurting grid reliability

Ohio Event Focuses on Energy Efficiency Savings for Hospitals, Universities

The Ohio Senate Fixes Most Restrictive Wind Turbine Rules

AEE: Extend Calif. Cap-and-Trade for Jobs and the Economy

Reuters covers AEE/AWEA study and how it responds to DOE investigation into renewables

CleanTechnica: AEE: Changing energy mix does not affect reliability

AEE and AWEA fund study to add to body of information to DOE study, AEE’s Arvin Ganesan responds

FL Gov. Rick Scott signs renewable energy tax exemption bill: AEE’s Maria Robinson responds

E&E News: AEE and AWEA study show that Perry’s mistrust of renewables is misplaced

Business Record: Study funded by AEE and AWEA show that renewable energy is an unjust scapegoat for coal industry’s problems

NV Gov. Sandoval vetoes RPS bill; Greentech media quotes AEE’s JR Tolbert

Midwest Energy News: AEE and AWEA report shows that market forces are behind the decline of coal power, not advanced energy

Reuters on AEE/AWEA study: “Wind, solar energy have not harmed U.S. power grid: Industry study”

Midwest Energy News: Analysis Group report shows that market forces are behind the decline of coal power, not advanced energy

PV Magazine cites AEE study, argues that wind and solar are not the reason for dying coal industry

New Report: No Evidence Power Mix Endangers Grid Reliability

AEE, CEP Applaud Nev. Governor, Note Missed Opportunity

AEE petition for jurisdiction over resources obtained from renewable sources central to FERC-state conflict discussions

Florida Gov. Scott Signs Renewables Bill

AEE Study Cited in San Diego Union Tribune Commentary

Nevada Legislature Sends RPS Increase Bill to Governor

San Francisco Chronicle uses AEE study to demonstrate market size of advanced energy

AEE Institute, NECEC Offer Advice on Rhode Island’s Comprehensive Power Sector Transformation

E&E story on North Dakota wind farms quotes 2015 report by The Brattle Group for AEE

Utility Dive covers FERC confirmation hearing; nominee touts AEE endorsement

Ohio Forum Focuses on Advanced Energy as Economic Driver

PV Magazine sites AEE's statement on NV advanced energy bills

PV Magazine reports on AEE’s endorsement of FERC nominee Chatterjee

"How New York is Building Renewable Energy Grid of the Future": quotes AEE's Frantzis

AEE, CEP Applaud Five Bills Speeding through Nevada Legislature

Coverage Round Up: "National Business Groups Send U.S. Dept. of Energy Analyses Showing Diverse Energy Sources Protect Electric Reliability"

AEE Supports Chatterjee Nomination to FERC

GreenBiz: In "Brand advocacy vs. activism" AEE helps businesses advocate

Frantzis in Midwest Energy News: Minnesota is just one of many midwest states modernizing their grids

Greentech Media cites AEE study on renewable energy and sustainability goals for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies in report on Amazon’s clean energy procurements

AEE, CEP Hail Nevada Bill to Expand RPS

Va. Gov.'s Plan to Modernize Electric System, Drive Economic Growth

National Business Groups Deliver Input for Dept. of Energy Study

AEE Applauds Florida Legislature upon Passage of Renewables Bill

AEE, AWEA, SEIA Letter to DOE Sec. Perry

AEE Institute Spotlights Industrial Energy Efficiency in Ohio

AEE, CEP Hail Nevada Senate Bills

Windpower Engineering covers AEE's support of FERC Proposed Interconnection Rule

Utility Dive uses AEE report in article on Microsoft and PSE advanced energy partnership

AEE, ACORE, AWEA and ESA Support FERC Proposed Interconnection Rule

Utility Dive story on Maryland's EmPOWER program quotes AEE member

Midwest PUC Staff Discuss Grid Mod, System Planning

AEE on Enactment of Maryland Energy Efficiency Bill

Utility Dive on AEE Study on Michigan Peak Demand

North American Windpower cites AEE's Fakoury on Ohio Bill

Utility Dive: AEE's Frantzis on Utility Business Model

Post by AEE's Girouard in Solar Novus Today: "Four Questions About Solar in the US"

Michigan Radio interviews AEE's Tolbert on report on peak demand in Michigan

AEE and Ohio AEE React to the Passage of House Bill 114, Say It Makes Ohio Less Competitive

"At the Grid Edge": Utility Dive quotes AEE's Frantzis in utility business model analysis

New Report: Path to Modernize Pennsylvania's Electricity Service

Businesses, Trade Associations Urge Maryland Governor to Sign Energy Efficiency Bill

AEE Comments on Trump's Energy Independence Executive Order

AEE Opposes House Bill 114, Says It Would Kill Ohio Jobs

SNL cites AEE research

Wired cites AEE Market Report in story on competitiveness

The NEWS: Over 3 Million in U.S. Now Work for Clean Energy

Coverage Roundup: Advanced Energy Now 2017 Market Report

Huffington Post cites AEE's California Jobs Report

Utility Dive covers AEE Market Report

AEE Presents Advanced Energy Leadership Award to U.S. Sen. Dean Heller

David Roberts of Vox reports on AEE's market report: "It’s not a culture war, it’s an industry"

Julia Pyper of Greentech Media on Advanced Energy Now: "A closer look at the numbers reveals some stunning growth"

E&E News covers AEE Market Report

Advanced Energy is $200 Billion U.S. Industry, Equal to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Approaching Wholesale Consumer Electronics

Washington Post quotes AEE's Woolf on Perry Confirmation

Associations Now: Clean-energy groups unite on social media campaign

Utility Dive quotes AEE's Ganesan on FERC's Proposed Storage Rule

AEE's Bloom quoted in Capital Gazette regarding EmPOWER Maryland

SNL quotes AEE's Tolbert

Over 3 Million in U.S. Now Work in Clean Energy

CTBR: New report says demand reduction can meet Michigan’s electricity needs

edie: Tech giants rally behind U.S. energy storage market

9to5 Mac: "Apple-backed trade association pledges support for energy storage"

Crain's Detroit: "Report: Energy demand reduction strategies can save Michigan millions"

REPORT: Demand Reduction Can Meet Michigan’s Electricity Needs, Save Millions for Businesses and Households

AEE Urges FERC to Make Wholesale Market More Competitive

Utility Dive uses AEE report on corporate choice of advanced energy

AEE Reacts to Dept. of Energy Jobs Report

SNL quotes Malcolm Woolf in story on Apple's advanced energy commitment

GTM: AEE Report Shows "Large Corporations Are Driving America’s Renewable Energy Boom."

Politico, Trade Press cover new AEE board members

Silicon Valley News uses AEE data for story on EV charging

"Predictions 2017": AEE CEO Graham Richard one of Utility Dive's 8 Industry Insiders

AEE Announces New Board Members

Ohio Veto Coverage Round-Up

Greentech Media quotes AEE's Chadima on the Article on New CPUC Appointments

Ohio Gov. Kasich Vetoes Energy Bill; Lifts Freeze on Renewables, Efficiency Jan. 1

Greentech Media reports on AEE's Economic Analysis of Ohio and Kasich's Veto

The Plain Dealer covers AEE Ohio's Celebration of Veto

Times of San Diego Cites AEE Institute Research

AEE on EPA MTR Update

Michigan Strengthens Clean Energy Standard, Maintains Efficiency with Energy Bill

AEE Reacts to Ohio Senate Vote that Extends RPS, Efficiency Freeze

AEE on Ohio House Energy Vote

Corporate Buyer Demand Driving Renewable Markets That States Can Capture

Utility Dive quotes AEE's Ganesan on Congressional Energy Policy

Ohio Public Radio quotes Ray Fakoury on Proposed Rule Change

LEED Blog: AEE to testify against solar-unfriendly Ohio energy bills

GTM quotes AEE's Chadima on Florio Departure

Utility Dive quotes AEE in "Obsession of the Year" story

AEE's Top 10 PUC Actions in VC Post

AEE's Chadima Quoted in Greentech Media Article on Commissioner Florio

AEE Testifies Against Ohio Senate, House Bills

Letter to the Editor from Greg Ballard on putting Indianans to work

The Journal Gazette: "Ex-mayor presses state on energy"

Grand Rapids Business Journal: "Advanced energy sector sees opportunities"

Ken Smith from Arkansas Advanced Energy Association: What will a Trump presidency mean for Arkansas’ advanced energy economy?

Utility Dive quotes AEE's Ganesan on Bipartisan Energy Legislation

News Round Up: Indiana Jobs Report

The Akron Beacon Journal cites AEE research in Ohio policy editorial

FERC Expands Storage Rulemaking to Broader Advanced Energy Technologies

BNA: AEE part of "broad coalition" in favor of extending energy tax credits

Indiana AEE issues advanced-energy jobs report

Report: Indiana Advanced Energy Jobs

Utility Dive asks "How do you value DERs?" and AEE's Katofsky answers

SNL: "Corporates keep up pressure to loosen utility regulations"

Election Day News Roundup: AEE's Memo to Trump Transition Team Widely Cited

Greentech Media: Will Trump "Harness America’s Greatest Economic Opportunity?" (Advanced Energy)

Utility Dive's Election Write Up Quotes AEE CEO

AEE cited in Solar Industry Mag's Trade Reactions write up

AEE Calls on Trump Transition Team to Modernize Electric Power System

Utility Dive on election results; quote from CEO Richard

Utility Dive cites AEE's comments on the CEIP on story on the Clean Power Plan

AEE Institute, ACE NY, NECEC React to NY PSC Report on Interim Successor Tariff to Net Energy Metering

SmartGrid Today: AEE balks at Pennsylvania Senate vote against efficiency

AEE Calls on EPA to Improve Clean Energy Incentive Program (CPP)

AEE, KEEA React to Penn. Senate Vote on Energy Efficiency Bill

Utility Dive: Will the Energy Bill Pass? There's an App for That

Va. Roanoke Times Op-Ed: Virginia can grow clean energy business, cut energy costs and create jobs

E&E News cites Hannah Polikov in article on Arizona Corporation Commission

National Law Review covers Woolf presentation on Grid of the Future

Solar Builder Mag: AEE leads discussions on improving energy efficiency in Illinois

AEE Institute on Industrial Energy Efficiency: Unleashing an Economic Driver for Illinois

AEE and Microsoft Partner on Legislative Tracking: Round Up

Microsoft and Advanced Energy Economy Give Predictive Power to Online Advocacy Platform

EnergyWire Covers Tolbert's Comments on N.C. Governor Race

Business Group AEE's Reaction to CPP Oral Arguments today

E&E News quotes Malcolm Woolf on upcoming CPP court cases

SF Chron cites California Jobs Report in Article on 10 yr anniversary of AB32

AEE Comments on Clean Power Plan Litigation, Oral Arguments

Renewable Energy, Efficiency Can Save Money for Ohio Electric Customers

AEE in Computer World: AEE Member Apple Commits to 100% Renewable Energy

Statement from AEE and KEEA Supporting Patrick McDonnell’s nomination as Secretary of the Penn. Department of Environmental Protection

Politifact: AEE data helps prove statement from Koch-backed group "mostly false"

Chadima in Utility Dive Discusses Recent California Legislative Session

Mid-Atlantic Utility Commissioners Discuss Plans for Modern Grid

AEE's California work highlighted in GTM2's State Bulletin

Gov. Brown Signs Bills Driving Advanced Energy Economy

GTM quotes AEE's Lisa Frantzis in Article on Rate Design

Florida's Amendment 4 News Round Up

Statement of AEE upon Passage by Florida Voters of Amendment 4

New Report: States Have Proven Options for Promoting Cost-Saving Energy Efficiency

Statement of AEE on Passage of SB 32 by the California Assembly

Midwest Public Utility Commissioners Gather to Discuss Distribution System Planning for a Modern Electricity Grid

IIlinois Industrial Energy Efficiency: Unleashing an Economic Driver

Extend Cap-and-Trade to Boost Calif. Jobs, Economy

AEE report finds pro-renewables policies, states

REPORT: Top 11 States for Corp. Access to Renewables, Policies to Meet Sustainability Goals

AEE on NY PSC's Creation of Clean Energy Standard

Midwest Energy News cites AEE in Discussion of Green Banks

SURVEY: Florida’s Advanced Energy Industry Has 140,000 Workers

AEE on Gov. McAuliffe’s Executive Order Outlining Path Forward on Carbon Emissions Reduction for Virginia

AEEI on Industrial Energy Efficiency: Unleashing an Economic Driver for Pennsylvania

AEE on Proposed Rulemaking on the Clean Energy Incentive Program in EPA’S Clean Power Plan

AEE Urges FERC to Look Beyond Storage

AEE Statement on Clean Power Plan Guide and Model Plan Published by the National Association of Clean Air Agencies

AEE Institute, ACE NY Hail New York PSC's Innovative Order to Modernize Utility Revenue Model

AEE Letter to the Editor in Scranton Times-Tribune

SNL cites AEE in energy storage article

Utilities, Solar Companies File Joint Proposal in NYREV: Round up

Utility Dive quotes Ganesan on CEIP

Climate Wire from E&E News quotes AEE's Ganesan (subscription required)

SNL quotes AEE's Stanberry in story about CEIP

White Mountain Independent cites AEE in story on utility solar

USA Today: "Can N.Y. solar-electric deal recharge U.S. green-energy effort?"

NASEO covers AEE Market Report

RTO Insider: Utility-Solar Partnership Proposes Net Metering Overhaul

OC Register: Advanced energy, the "hottest job in town"

HPAC Engineering: California’s Advanced-Energy Workforce Tops Half a Million, Up 18%

Engerati: "Advanced Energy Bigger than the Movies?"

Daily Democrat cites AEEI California research, quotes Chadima in article on transportation industry

California Advanced Energy Jobs Report covered in major solar, wind publications

Grist: "More Californians work in 'Advanced Energy' jobs than in farming or Hollywood"

WVVA reports on California Advanced Energy Jobs Report

PV Magazine reports on AEEI's Report, "Advanced Energy Jobs in California"

New Survey: California’s Advanced Energy Industry Up 18 Percent from Last Year

VIDEO: Grid 2.0: Toward an energy paradigm shift

Letter to the Editor: "Wolf's veto preserves clean energy options"

MiBiz cites AEE in report on utility service of corporate customers

MiBiz cites AEE's "Top Trends" in Green Banks Report

Hartford Business Journal Cites AEE Report in Discussion of Fuel Cell Vehicles

SmartGrid News mentions AEE Institute's Event in Pittsburgh

Industrial Energy Efficiency: An Economic Driver for Southwestern Pennsylvania

AEE joins others to applaud State Senator Brandes and Rep. Rodrigues for giving FL citizens opportunity to weigh in on growth of solar energy

FC Gas Intelligence quotes Matt Stanberry in analysis of Natural Gas and the CPP

Energy Central cites AEE in "How to Build the Energy Internet in 3 Steps"

Cleantech Investing News Sites AEE's Frantzis

SmartGrid News: Bigger than beer and closing in on consumer tech: advanced energy is hotter than you think

SNL covers AEE's Market Report: "Wind, solar revenues grow to $37B as advocacy shifts to grid access"

"The top tech to cut energy costs and emissions? You may be surprised": GreenBiz covers AEE's Market Report

CleanTechnica reports on AEE's 2016 Market Report

Malcolm Woolf featured on E&E TV discussing AEE's Market Report

Market Report featured in San Jose Mercury News' Silicon Beat

AEE Market Report in GTM: "Advanced Energy Market Tops Global Fashion Industry"

AEE Releases Advanced Energy Now 2016 Market Report

Statement of Advanced Energy Economy Supporting Gov. McAuliffe Expected Veto of Senate Bill 21

Performance-based Allocation of Allowances Enables Lowest Cost CPP Compliance

AEE Statement on SCOTUS Decision to Stay the Clean Power Plan

Model Shows Clean Power Plan Could Have No Cost Impact on Florida Ratepayers

New Report: Michigan Could Capture Greater Share of Growing Corporate Renewable Energy Market

AEE on SCOTUS FERC 745 Ruling

Statement of Advanced Energy Economy on California Gov. Brown’s State of the State Address

Model Shows Clean Power Plan Can Have Minimal Cost Impact on Virginia Ratepayers

Statement of Graham Richard, CEO of Advanced Energy Economy, on President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Several news outlets cover AEE's new board members

Power Source quotes Malcolm Woolf on extension of tax credits

AEE's reaction to gov. omnibus gets traction in press


Model Shows Clean Power Plan Could Result in Cost Savings for Illinois Ratepayers

Smart Grid News covers AEE's filing of brief

Microgrid Knowledge cites AEE stat on IRPs

Power Source from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covers AEE's Pennsylvania STEER

Solar Power World Covers Solar Canada Keynote from AEE's Lisa Frantzis



Model Shows Clean Power Plan Could Have Little, if Any, Cost Impact for Arkansas Ratepayers

Energy Officials from New England States Meet with Industry Leaders to Explore Ways to Modernize the Power Grid





New Report: Missouri Poised to Capture Share of Growing Corporate Renewable Energy Market

Greenbiz quotes CEO Graham Richard on Grid Transformation and Social Justice


Model Shows Clean Power Plan Could Produce Savings for Pennsylvania Ratepayers







New Report: Reducing Peak Demand Saves Money for Electricity Customers

Western Public Utility Commissioners Gather to Discuss 21st Century Retail Electricity Rate Design, Future of Energy Storage


Statement by Advanced Energy Economy on Signing of California Senate Bill 350

Vox: “AEE has ‘Deftly Coordinated’ Stakeholders in NY REV”

Matt Stanberry's Comments on DoD and Advanced Energy Featured in The Washington Post

Bloomberg Politics Covers AEE work on SB350

AEE’s Steve Chadima in San Jose Mercury News on SB 350: "Continue Hiring. Continue Growing."

Statement by Advanced Energy Economy on Passage of California Senate Bill 350

POLITICO Cites AEE's Steve Chadima on California Initiatives

AEE and the Clean Power Plan: Coverage Roundup

Graham Richard in Smart Grid News: Energy districts turn the city that steel built into the smart city of the future

Fierce Energy Details AEE’s Support for SB 350

AEE's Matt Stanberry, Member Companies Featured in New York Times

E&E News Mentions AEE in Story on Pathway to 2050 Discussion

Platts Megawatt Daily Lists Graham Richard Among Industry Leaders

California’s New Energy and Climate Goals Will Create Jobs and Boost the Economy

San Diego Union-Tribune Features Steve Chadima, AEEI Working Group in CA Report

Electricity System Needs New Framework for 2030

AEE’S AZ Representative Quoted in Phoenix Business Journal




Graham Richard in The Hill: Clean Power Plan will only improve our electric power system

E&E News Cites AEE Paper in Story on Federal Plan for CPP

E&E News Quotes AEE's Frantzis in Story on NY REV

Graham Richard in Triple Pundit: 5 Drivers of Advanced Energy Growth

Fierce Energy Features STEER Model

Reducing Energy Waste is Least-Cost Option for Implementing Federal Clean Power Plan

AEE's Frantzis in Times Union Op-Ed: "State plan for clean, high-tech energy ambitious, laudable"

Malcolm Woolf on CPP in Washington Post

Fierce Energy: AEE's EPA Clean Power Plan analysis takes a page from the history books

New Report: Industry Will Respond to EPA’s Clean Power Plan with Solutions that Ease Compliance, Reduce Cost

New Report: EPA’s Clean Power Plan Will Not Cause a Significant Increase in Natural Gas Pipeline Needs

New Report: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Will Grow, Provide Options for Clean Power Plan Compliance Based on Cost Competitiveness

New Report: Florida’s Advanced Energy Market is $6.2B in Revenue in 2014 – Surpassing Agricultural Exports

New Report: Utilities and Grid Operators Demonstrate that Renewables Can Be Seamlessly Integrated into the Grid


AEE's Lisa Frantzis Featured on Today's Energy Gang Podcast: The 21st Century Electricity System May Be Closer Than You Think




Utility Dive Quotes AEE's Woolf in Article on NERC Study

US News & World Report Quotes AEEI-Commissioned Brattle Group Report

NEW REPORT: Implementing EPA Clean Power Plan Can Be Job Creator for Virginia, Eliminating Electricity Imports at Same Time Would Double Job Gains

Graham Richard in Energy Biz: "Clean Power Plan Builds on Changes Already Happening"

AEE's Advanced Energy Now 2015 Market Report: Coverage Roundup

National Law Review reports on AEE's 2015 Market Report

Fierce Energy: Advanced energy market tops size of airline industry

U.S. has a 15 percent share of trillion-dollar global clean energy market, report finds

Greentech Media Covers 2015 Market Report: Global Revenue From Advanced Energy Reaches Nearly $1.3 Trillion

PV Magazine: Global advanced energy market worth as much as fashion and apparel industry

Energy Efficiency Markets covers findings of AEE's 2015 Market Report

U.S. advanced energy economy grew a record 14 percent last year – report

Report: Advanced Energy is a Nearly $1.3 Trillion Global Industry

Statements on the NY PSC's Order on REV from AEE, ACENY, and NECEC

U.S. News & World Report quotes from AEEI's Brattle Report

Renewable Energy World Reports on “EPA’s Clean Power Plan and Reliability: Assessing NERC’s Initial Reliability Review"

Politico’s Morning Energy Covers Brattle Group Reliability Report

Greentech Media quotes AEEI-Commissioned Brattle Group Report

Energy group pushes back on NERC's Clean Power Plan concerns


Utility Dive Reports on AEEI-Commissioned Reliability Report

Smart Grid News Covers AEEI-Commissioned Brattle Group Reliability Report

Bloomberg cites AEEI Employment Survey in "California Creates Most Clean Tech Jobs Paying Investors"

Greentech Media Covers AEE's Webinar with Wellinghoff

Statement of Graham Richard, CEO of Advanced Energy Economy, on President Obama’s State of the Union address:

Graham Richard in The Hill: "Energy and the politics of prosperity"

AEEI's California Employment Survey Featured in The Hill's Pundit's Blog

New Additions to AEE's Board Covered in Politico's Morning Energy

4 energy executives join clean power board

Executives of GE ecomagination, Johnson Controls, Landis+Gyr, and SunPower Join Advanced Energy Economy Board to Spur Growth of Secure, Clean, Affordable U.S. Energy

Utility Dive's "Predictions 2015" features AEE's VP of Communications Robert Keough

A Statement from Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) on Governor Brown’s Inauguration and State of the State Address

AEEI's Iowa Employment Survey Featured in Dubuque Telegraph Herald

AEEI's California Employment Survey Featured in LA Times

Des Moines Register covers AEEI Iowa Employment Survey

AEE Report featured in Energy Collective: "Valuing Solar Energy: Two Models to Use"

Sacramento Business Journal, Utility Dive, CleanTechnica, and more cover AEEI's CA Employment Survey

AEE SVP Lisa Frantzis in "Iowa lawmaker wants to ‘take the lead’ on hydropower"

Iowa’s Advanced Energy Industry Employs More than 22,000, with the Most Jobs in Energy Efficiency, Advanced Fuels, and Wind Power

California has Largest Advanced Energy Industry in U.S., with over 430,000 Workers, according to First-Ever State Employment Survey

Malcolm Woolf in The Hill: "States can bring clean energy to 21st century"

FierceEnergy covers AEE's San Antonio "Smart City" Meeting with CPS

FierceEnergy reports on AEE's EPA Comments

AEE Institute, CPS Energy Convene Industry Leaders to Explore Ways to Make San Antonio a ‘Smart City’

AEE Says ‘Clean Power Plan’ Underestimates Potential for Advanced Energy Contribution

Arvin Ganesan, EPA Deputy Chief of Staff, to Join AEE as Vice President of Federal Policy

Advanced Energy Economy Celebrates Progress for Secure, Clean, Affordable Energy in California

New AEEI Report Featured in Fierce Energy

New cost-benefit framework needed to assess value of distributed energy -- report

New Framework for Benefit-Cost Analysis Needed for Distributed Energy Resources in New York, Experts Say

AEE Launches PowerPortal, a New PowerSuite Application for Understanding Energy Policy and Regulation in all 50 States

Letter to the Editor: EPA's Clean Power Plan will cut emissions, save money

Top Energy Officials and Legislative Leaders Address Opportunities, Challenges in the Pathway to California’s 2050 Energy and Climate Goals

"Keep the sun shining on advanced energy solutions": Graham Richard quoted in Deseret Op/Ed

CA needs a pathway to achieving energy and climate goals by Graham Richard and Arno Harris

The Hill's Overnight Energy Cites AEE Testimony

AEE Says Targets under EPA’s Clean Power Plan Will Be ‘Easy to Achieve’

Statement from Advanced Energy Economy on Rehearing for Demand Response Ruling

Track Energy Legislation in One Place: Fierce Energy Reports on PowerSuite

Utility Dive Interviews Woolf About EPA Rule and Economic Opportunity

AEE Unveils PowerSuite, a New Online Platform for Tracking Energy Legislation and Regulatory Proceedings in all 50 States

AEE Partner CET Selected as Part of DOE's National Incubator Initiative for Clean Energy

Statement on California Budget Signing from Advanced Energy Economy

AEE State Coalition Expands to Include Partner Organizations in Pennsylvania and New York

Mid-Atlantic Public Utility Commissioners Explore Transformative Technologies, Consider Challenges and Opportunities for Regulators

Fierce Energy reports on AEE survey on EPA's proposed rule

AEE cited in coverage of lobbying underway on new EPA rules for power plant

The Hill cites AEE report in Coverage of EPA's Proposed Regulations for Power Plants


EPA calls for power plants to cut down carbon emissions by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030

Statement of Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) on EPA’s Proposed Standard on Carbon Emissions from the Electric Power Sector

On Eve of New EPA Carbon Regs, Survey Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Support Modernizing the U.S. Electricity System


Utility Dive Cites AEE in Coverage of New York Regulatory Reform

Indianapolis welcomes electric car sharing service

New York and Pennsylvania residents can now get 100 percent solar electricity

U.S. Army and Georgia Power team up to develop three 30 MW PV solar installations

Energy Points creates map that compares local grid efficiency to solar efficiency

Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) Statement on the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2014 (S.2074)

40 Answers for EPA Carbon Rules: AEE Identifies Technology Solutions for Cutting Carbon Emissions from Electricity Generation

New York offers $285 million in rate incentives to decrease demand

Exelon to acquire Pepco

Rankings: Top ten solar utilities in the U.S.

Mars Inc. invests in Texas wind farm: can produce enough energy make 13B Snickers bars.

NRG Energy and MidAmerican Solar build world’s largest solar-panel power plant

Greentech Media Cites AEE in Coverage of New York Regulatory Reform

Malcolm Woolf Interviewed on E&E TV's On Point

Renewables accounted for 92 percent of new domestic electrical generating in the first quarter of 2014

SunPower and Google team up to develop $250 million solar lease program

DOE announces $15 million program to help homes and businesses install affordable solar electricity

Google signs its biggest clean energy contract to date.

The modern solar cell is 60 years old

New Retroficiency Study: NYC could save millions by raising thermostat one degree

ComEd partners with Nest Labs and offers $140 rebates to customers

IKEA buys wind farm

EnerNOC acquires EnTech

AEE’s Todd Keller Quoted in Bloomberg BNA’s Coverage of Tax Credit Extensions

Pattern Energy teams up with Samsung to complete Canada’s largest wind power facility.

Silver Spring Networks teams up with Smarter Grid Solutions

Natural gas accounts for more than half of 2013's utility-scale generation capacity

DOE announces the refresh of Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program

SolarCity offers $70.2 million in asset-backed notes

New California building code requires grid-smart thermostat in every facility

Senate Finance Takes Important Step on Tax Extenders, More Work Needed

Online interactive maps show the location of wind farms in the U.S.

20 tech companies transforming the U.S. electric power market

Tesla adds triple-layer metal shield of titanium and aluminium underneath cars to protect batteries.

Energy Department to offer loan aid for renewable energy projects

Texas produces 10,000 MW of wind power and breaks old record

Energy Efficiency costs two to three times less than traditional power sources

NRG Energy acquires solar installer Roof Diagnostics Solar

Ohio Senate approves bill allowing direct sale of Tesla to consumers

Cape Wind secures $400 million in financing

FirstEnergy Solutions to charge Illinois customers for extreme spikes in power costs

New Jersey reverses ban on direct sales of Tesla electric vehicles

Arizona moves to legalize direct sales of Tesla electric vehicles

Report on the cost of saving energy released

Dragonfly Solar and SolarWorld partner to deliver solar array to utility cooperatives

Minnesota proposes law to put energy loans on utility bills

Opower sets IPO price range at $17 to $19

Con Edison and Sempra U.S. Gas & Power team up on 5 solar projects

SolarCity seeks help from PUC on battery-grid interconnections in California

First Solar competes for smaller projects and customer-sited installations

Employment reaches almost 97,000 in Illinois

Con Edison offers rich, new initiatives for reduced peak energy use

Arizona State University and AORA Solar NA team up for hybrid solar project

Kansas farmers oppose power line for wind

Cape Wind gets partial go-ahead from Court

Minnesota generates a value-of-solar formula for customers

Indiana Senate votes to shut down energy efficiency program

SunEdison launches National Women in Solar Initiative

SolarCity and Best Buy team up

Tesla vs New Jersey

GEI Global Energy partners to develop advanced fuel cell

Price of Solar in Austin: $0.05/kwh

UNIDO and ICSHP launch world's first hydropower database

Mosaic Launches Home Solar Loan Program

Silver Spring Networks and FPL launch connected streetlight

Ambri Inc's Liquid Metal Batteries move closer to market

Duke Energy adds two new solar projects

Solar in AZ drops due to policy shift

"Tenant Star" passes House

Siemens to supply turbines to Windthorst-2 in Texas

Geopower Energy Acquires Blue Mountain Biogas Project

Advanced Energy in 2015 Federal Budget

Green Charge Networks announced free battery installation

SEIA reports US Solar grew by 41 percent in 2013

Vivant Solar to fund $280 million in solar energy systems

Clean Energy Loan Program Set to Return

Davis Monthan Air Force Base cuts ribbon on 16.4 MW solar array

Cool Planet Energy Systems Breaks Ground on Louisiana Facility

Nation's first all-electric school bus begins route

Opower officially files IPO

EnerVault and NORAM announce new batteries

New Resource: Google Mapping Solar & Wind

Advanced Energy Accounted for 100% New Capacity in January

SolarReserve's Crescent Dunes solar tower to come online

Advanced Energy Can Carry Electricity Transformation: IEA

Get to know a few of the world’s innovative advanced energy companies

ARPA-E announces $625 million in projects

China outspends the U.S. in Smartgrid

NRG Energy and others form the Microgrid Resources Coalition

RES Americas Moapa Solar Energy Center is one step closer

GE announces $10 billion investment in advanced energy

AEE Statement on Rep. Camp Tax Reform Proposal

Waste-to-energy facility under construction in MA

Austin Energy signs wind PPA for Texas Wind Farm

SolarCity completed more projects, cut more costs in 2013

Supreme Court refuses challenge to MISO's cost allocation scheme

Farmers Electric Cooperative set to become nation's solar leader

Tesla reports record revenues in Q4 2013

Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park becomes testing ground for Advanced Energy

First Wind Secures Funding for Route 66 Wind Project

SunEdison Launches "Yieldco" IPO

BUSINESS: Trillion-dollar clean tech industry grows; U.S. garners 15%

Obama announces update to fuel economy standards

FERC approves tidal energy project in Alaska

Geothermal energy picks up globally, slows down in the U.S.

POLICY: Business group hopes to head off state attacks on 'advanced energy'

Report: Advanced Energy is a $1.1 Trillion Global Industry; Grew Twice as Fast as the World Economy in 2013

Opower Founders share their Top 5 Trends for Utilities in 2014

New Solar Foundation Report on Job Growth in Solar

New GTM Research report on energy storage

Ivanpah continues to make headlines

SolarReserve begins development on Crescent Dunes solar energy project

Smarter Grid Solutions to increase NYC's Grid Resiliancy

SunPower had a "break out" 2013

New York opens Green Bank

Statement from Advanced Energy Economy on new Committee chairmanships for Sen. Wyden and Sen. Landrieu.

2014 Detroit Auto Show Features Advanced Vehicles

Wind power on the rise in US and globally

ENERNOC is investing in solar software

AEE Tax Extenders Letter featured in Politico

Energy storage and the advanced energy grid

Growth in cleanweb investments expected for 2014

Advanced Energy Economy - Comment on State of the Union

Cashing in on energy independence

Advanced Energy Business Leaders Call on Congress to Extend Expired Tax Credits

Steve Chadima Responds to California State of the State

AEE CEO Publishes "State Energy Innovators" in Energy Biz Magazine

Steve Chadima responds to Gov. Brown's budget proposal

Woolf Op Ed posted in The Hill: Tax Uncertainty Hurting Advanced Energy

Woolf Statement on Sen. Baucus Energy Tax Reform Plan

Coca Cola announces new electrified fleet

DOE announces $150 million in Advanced Energy tax credits

Retroficiency wages war on energy waste in military

ENERNOC enters Japanese Demand Response deal