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AEE Applauds FERC Order Opening Wholesale Energy Markets to Distributed Energy Resources

More Illinois Workers in Advanced Energy Than in Supermarkets & Groceries, Twice Those in Real Estate

More Pennsylvania Workers in Advanced Energy Than in Fabricated Metals, Twice Those in Hotels & Motels

More Indiana Workers in Advanced Energy Than in Auto Parts Manufacturing

E&E News: Chatterjee Promises to Remove Barriers to Renewable Energy

Utility Dive: FERC Rejection of NYISO Renewables Plan Could Prompt State-Managed Capacity Market, Advocates Say

More New Jersey Workers in Advanced Energy Than in Hotels, Motels, and Casinos, Triple Those at Colleges and Universities

Greentech Media: FERC Order May Undermine Renewables, Energy Storage in New York's Capacity Markets

Utility Dive: FERC Details Carbon Pricing Conference as Groups Blast Renewables, Consumer and Women Exclusions

PV Magazine: Energy Jobs

Leaving Regional Power Market is ‘No Quick Fix’ for States That Support Clean Energy

Columbus Times-Dispatch: Column: House Bill 6 is an even bigger scam than Ohioans might think

Energy Policy and Investment Leaders Join Advanced Energy Economy Institute Board

E&E News: Biden's Clean Electricity Plan May Hinge on FERC

E&E News: Ill. governor unveils 100% renewable plan

NBC News (Ct.): Breaking Down Electric Bill Rate Increases

Huffington Post: How Corporate America is Becoming a Powerful Ally for Clean Energy

Godfrey on Gov. Northam's Ceremonial Signing of Virginia Clean Economy Act

Microgrid Knowledge: What Can Regulators and Utilities Do to Boost Solar Nanogrids?

New Project Media: Interview: TAEBA Director Breaks Down Texas "Solar Boom" and Keys to Market Sustainability

RTO Insider: NEPOOL Reviews 'Future Grid' Study Requests

E&E News: Duke coal plants costing Indiana customers millions — groups

AEE Calls on IURC to Stop Duke Energy from Imposing Extra Costs of Uneconomic Coal Plants on Consumers

Houston Chronicle: COVID Pandemic Slows Planned Job Growth for Green Energy Jobs in Texas

GTM Squared: Utilities Have a Cloud Computing Problem

Public News Service: NY Set to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Energy Storage Is Key for Virginia's Grid Resilience, Meeting Clean Energy Targets, Saving Customers Money

E&E Daily: Trump's Surprise FERC Picks Ease Fears of Agency Limbo

Indianapolis Monthly: What's Next for Indiana's Coal-Dependent Counties?

Utility Dive: Illinois Regulators Reject Proposal to Allow Utilities Cost Recovery for Cloud-Based Computing

Energy News Network: HB 6 Repeal Would Address Only Part of Ohio Lawmakers' Recent Actions to Slow Renewables

Charlotte Business Journal: How Duke Energy Could Join other Power Giants to Remake Southeast Markets

AEE, ACE NY Applaud New York Statewide Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Incentive Program

AEE Applauds FERC Dismissal of Net Metering Challenge

E&E News: Is Biden's 100% Clean Energy Electricity Plan Doable?

AEE Reacts to Biden's Call for 100% Clean Energy

E&E News: D.C. Circuit Ruling Reignites FERC Storage Battle

Utility Dive: DC Circuit Upholds Landmark FERC Storage Order, Rejecting Claims it Violates State Authority

Greentech Media: 'Enormous Step' for Energy Storage as Court Upholds FERC Order 841

Florida Politics: Florida Investing $8.5M Toward Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

GTM Squared: Grid Edge Mega-Trends: Bridging the Distributed Energy-Wholesale Market Divide

Traverse City Ticker: Where Are They Now: Local Politicians

DailyEnergyInsider: Energy Industry Coalition Calls on PJM to Maintain Carbon Pricing Considerations

S&P Global: DOE Backs Governmental Push for Fossil Energy, Manufacturing in Appalachia

S&P Global: New England Energy Transition Could Require 71 GW of New Clean Energy Capacity

E&E News: Largest U.S. Grid Operator Pressed on Carbon Pricing

Broad Energy Industry Coalition Encourages PJM to Continue to Examine Carbon Pricing in its Electricity Market

S&P Global: Major DC Circuit Gas Ruling Extends to FERC's Power Proceeding, Experts Say

Smart Energy Decisions: What COVID Means for Energy Goals and Sustainability Efforts, Today and Tomorrow

New Project Media: Analysts and Developers Agree: Distributed Energy is the Future in the Southeast

Energy News Network: Virginia Regulators Seek Input on How State Should Prepare for Electric Vehicles

Houston Chronicle: FERC to Examine Carbon Pricing, as Climate Pressure Ramps Up

Coalition Applauds FERC Decision to Hold Carbon Pricing Discussion

New Project Media: With Texas Peak Coming, Renewables and Storage will be Key – TAEBA's Bertin Says

Greentech Media: The 4 Things PG&E Must Do to Survive and Thrive Post-Bankruptcy

E&E News: Ex-FERC, Hill official tapped as VA regulator

Florida Gov. Signs Bill to Pave the Way for Electric Vehicles

Virginia AEE Applauds Gov. Northam's Appointment of Jehmal Hudson to State Corporation Commission

Utility Dive: Falling Renewable, Storage Costs Make 90% Carbon-free US Grid Feasible by 2035, UC Berkeley Finds

FloridaPolitics: Ron DeSantis Signs Electric Vehicle Study, Emergency Response Staging Area Bill

pv magazine: First Solar Backs Carbon Pricing for Wholesale Electricity

E&E News: States Seeking Exit from FERC Rule Face Steep Off-Ramp

Utility Dive: Utilities Stay Silent on Proposal to Federalize Net Metering as States Call it a 'threat' to Solar Policy

Greentech Media: How Demand-Side Management is Evolving Under the Long COVID-19 Emergency

Oklahoma Energy Today: Regulators Come Out Against Federal Net Metering Plan

Bloomberg News: In Texas, Clean Energy is Courting Oil-Bust Refugees

Utility Dive: ENGIE, Enel X, Tesla top Guidehouse Rankings of Energy Storage Players

RealClearInvestigations: As Renewables Move to Overtake Gas, a Pipeline to Paralysis

POLITICO: Report: PA Workers Could Move to EVs

REPORT: Pennsylvania Could Leverage Electric Vehicle Supply Chain for Economic Growth

Florida Politics: Two-month pit stop: EV charging station bill ready for signature

Utility Dive: State-federal tension 'at an all time high' between MOPR, net metering attack, says head Maryland regulator

Politico: Clean Energy Backers' Anger Grows as House Ignores Aid Plea

Washington Examiner: Democrats ask FERC to Consider Carbon Pricing

E&E News: Democrats want FERC Official Meeting on Carbon Pricing

E&E News: 'Devil is in the Details.' The Fight for Grid Carbon Pricing

The New York Times: In a First, Renewable Energy is Poised to Eclipse Coal in U.S.

PV Magazine: Distributed Storage Could Save Texas $344 Million per Year by Deferring Transmission and Distribution Costs

Energy News Network (Commentary): Energy Storage is a Game-Changer for Texas

RTO Insider: DC Circuit Skeptical of NARUC Challenge to FERC Order 841

DailyEnergyInsider: FERC Grants Extension in New England Ratepayers Association's Net Metering Proceeding

Dominion Energy Resource Plan Falls Short on Implementing Virginia’s New Clean Energy Law

E&E News: Dominion's Plan to Quadruple Renewables Draws Fire

Houston Chronicle: With Oil Reeling Under Pandemic, Clean Energy Looks to Capitalize

Utility Dive: FERC's Chatterjee Highlights COVID-19 Demand Disruptions, Resource Threats

Greentech Media (Opinion): A No-Cost Way to Save US Clean Energy Jobs During the Crisis

Greentech Media: 5 Coronavirus Threats for US Utilities as Earnings Season Kicks Off

MiBiz: COVID-19 wipes out clean energy job gains as regulators explore effect on utilities

E&E News: Md. Weighs Exiting U.S. Grid Market Over FERC Order

Virginia Mercury: Regulator Recommends Approval of Dominion's Renewable Rate Scheme, with Conditions

Energy News Network (Commentary): As Veterans Employment in Energy Declines, COVID-19 Poses New Challenges

Oklahoma Energy Today: New Challenge to Net Metering is Filed with FERC

Microgrid Knowledge: What's the Ideal Way for the Microgrid Industry to Come Back from COVID-19

E&E News: Clean energy companies: Federal tax credits not working

Clean Energy Sector Disappointed in FERC’s MOPR Decision

Axios: Flashing Red Lights for Green Energy Amid Coronavirus

Vox: As Trump and McConnell Mock Clean Energy, the Industry Could Soon Lose a Half-Million Jobs

Impact of COVID-19 is Worsening and Relief Measures Have Not Helped, Advanced Energy Companies Say

E&E News: The Future Was Supposed to Be Electric. Is it Still?

Inside Clean Energy: With a Pen Stroke, New Law Launches Virginia Into Landmark Clean Energy Transition

Daily Energy Insider: Energy Groups Urge FERC to Examine Carbon Pricing Policies

E&E News: The Future was Supposed to be Electric. Is it Still?

E&E News: Groups Push FERC on Carbon Pricing

Power Generators, Industry Groups, and Think Tanks Ask FERC to Examine Carbon Pricing to Reduce Emissions

Sun Sentinel (Opinion): For Florida to Cash in on Solar, FPL’s SolarTogether is Just a Start

Governor Northam Signs Virginia Clean Economy Act

Inside INdiana Business: Study Suggests Economic Boom from Renewable Energy

Energy News Network: Virginia Bill will Put More Pressure on Dominion Energy to Justify Cost Recovery

Grist: COVID-19 pandemic is pushing clean energy businesses to the brink

E&E News: Future Stimulus Bills Could Address Climate. Here's Why

E&E News: 'Reeling.' 30% of Clean Energy Firms Cut Workers – Report

PV Magazine: Arizona Commission Signals Support for 100% Clean Energy by 2050

Virginia Mercury: Virginia Made Big Commitments to Renewables. What Does the Economic Slump Mean for them?

AEE to U.S. Congress, White House: Advanced Energy Now Suffering Impacts, But Should Be Key Contributor to Economic Rebound

S&P Global: Senate Coronavirus Bill Contains Few Energy-Specific Provisions, Offers Some Aid

Utility Dive: Nearly $2T Stimulus Package Omits Direct Renewable Sector Aid after Trump, McConnell Opposition

Renewable Energy World: Three Reasons Why Dual Participation Market Model at NYISO is Best for Energy Storage

The Denver Post: Once Among Fastest-Growing Sectors, Solar Industry Faces Uncertainty because of Tax Credits Declining, Coronavirus Concerns

Utility Dive (Opinion): One Easy to Fix to COVID-19 Disruption of Advanced Energy Development

AEE’s Kreamer Calls on Congress to Switch Clean Energy Tax Credits to Direct Pay

Washington Examiner: How Democrats Gave Virginia's Biggest Utility no Choice but to Commit to 100% Clean Energy

Utility Dive: PJM MOPR Compliance Plan Allays Renewable Sector Concerns of Being Shut Out of Capacity Auctions

GTM2: Virginia Just Created an Energy Storage Market Out of Thin Air

Utility Dive: Florida, Utah, Washington approve bills to boost EVs

Smart Energy Decisions: Understanding the MOPR: What an Obscure FERC Rule Could Mean for Renewable Energy Buyers

S&P Global: Analysis: Oil Price War Increases Power Utilities' Uncertainty over EV Infrastructure Plans

Vox: Virginia Becomes the First State in the South to Target 100% Clean Power

AEE Applauds Florida House Passage of EV Charging Infrastructure Bill, SB 7018

Utility Dive: Indiana Passes Coal Plant Support Bill as Democrats Removed from Conference Committees Deliberations

Florida Politics: House Primed to Pass EV Charging Station Expansion Study

Utility Dive: Clean Energy Bill Marks Dramatic Transition for Virginia Amid Dispute Over Costs to Consumers

Utility Dive: Democratic Senators push to include FERC Reform in Comprehensive Senate Energy Bill

AEE Applauds Florida Senate Passage of EV Charging Infrastructure Bill

Greentech Media: Virginia Mandates 100% Clean Power by 2045

Virginia Senate Completes Passage of Historic Clean Economy Act

Virginia Mercury: Virginia Clean Economy Act Clears General Assembly, Aided by Beefed-up Ratepayer Protections

Associated Press: Sweeping Renewable Energy Bill Poised for Final Passage

Virginia House Passes Landmark Clean Economy Act, Senate Up Next

RTO Insider: Carbon Pricing Gains Popularity – and Doubts

Renewable Energy World: Florida Public Service Commission Approves Largest Community Solar Program in the US

E&E News: Florida Backs Nation's Largest Community Solar Plan

Utility Dive: Florida Signs off on FPL's 1.5 GW Community Solar Program

AEE Reacts to Indiana Senate Vote on Coal Bill

Florida Public Service Commission Approves Landmark FPL Solar Energy Program

Washington Post: Virginia Democrats Push Environmental Change

DailyEnergyInsider: Amended Indiana Coal Proposal Better Suited to Investor-Owned Utilities

Utility Dive: Indiana Senate Strips Controversial Coal Bill of Fuel Oversupply Provision, Drawing Utility Support

Virginia Mercury: Ten Things to Know About the Clean Economy Act

Supply Chain Dive: Jeff Bezos Commits $10B to Climate. How Should He Spend It?

Florida Daily: Florida Sees Growing Electric Vehicle Market

Utility Dive: APS Partners with Clean Energy Business Group to Reach 100% Carbon-Free Target

Arizona Public Service, AEE Announce Arizona Clean Energy Future Project

Virginia Senate Passes Landmark Clean Economy Act

Virginia House Passes Historic Clean Economy Act

Associated Press: Virginia House Passes Major Renewable Energy Legislation

Augusta Free Press: Committee Passes Virginia Clean Economy Act, Sends to Senate Floor

Sunday Recap: Virginia Senate Committee Passes Clean Economy Act

E&E News: Coronavirus Threatens the Energy Sector. Here's Why

Virginia Mercury: At Senate Panel, a Clash Over the Costs of Shifting Away from Carbon

Key House Committee Passes Virginia Clean Economy Act

Virginia Clean Economy Act Advances from Key Subcommittee

Indy Star: Controversial Coal Bill Passes off the House Floor, Heads to Indiana Senate

AEE Reacts to Indiana House Vote for Coal Bill

Houston Chronicle: Automakers All In on Electric Cars, Even as Sales Dip

Washington Examiner: FERC Order Doesn't Doom Renewables One Company Says

Energy News Network: A Pointless Mandate or a Trojan Horse? Intrigue Surrounds Indiana Coal Bill

T&D World: APS to Deliver 100% Clean, Carbon-Free Electricity by 2050

Colorado Springs Business Journal: Clean Energy is Smart Business

Washington Examiner: FERC Pressured to Revisit Order Targeting Renewables

Inside INdiana Business: Study: Indiana Could Benefit From More Renewable Energy

Utility Dive: FERC MOPR Order May Have 'Paradoxically Unintended Consequences': PJM

Daily Independent: APS Sets Course for 100% Clean Energy Future

Energy News Network: FERC's 'Minimum Offer' Rule Adds to the Already High Price Tag for Ohio HB 6

Meeting Corporate Demand for Renewable Energy Is Economic Boon for Indiana

Clean Energy Groups Ask for Rehearing of FERC’s PJM MOPR Order

Virginia Mercury: Senate Committee Gives the Nod to Nuclear as Part of Renewables Transition

Utility Dive: NY Says New Renewables Financing Options to Reduce Developers' Financial Risk, Save $4.6B

Utility Dive: U.S. Renewable Resources on Steady Course for Increased Deployment

Utility Dive: How Much–and How Fast–Will Colorado Change Utility Business Model

POLITICO: Gas, Coal Generators Defend FERC's PJM Capacity Market Order

Virginia Mercury: The Virginia Clean Economy Act is a Giant Leap Forward for Virginia Energy Policy

Utility Dive: 2020 Outlook — 10 Trends Driving the U.S. Power Sector

POLITICO Pro: PJM to ask FERC for Rehearing on Pricing Order as Nukes, Renewables Plot Exit

AEE Applauds Ambitious, Achievable U.S. House Dem Committee Leaders' Proposal for 100% Clean Energy

Virginia Mercury: With New Democratic Leaders, General Assembly Faces Flood of Energy Proposals

Miami Herald: Electric Vehicle Sales are Up, but in Some States Charging Stations are Hard to Find

Stateline News (Pew): Got an Electric Car? Great! Where Do You Plug it in?

Virginia Mercury: Natural Gas Development is Speeding Up in Virginia. Legislators Will Have to Square That With State Climate Goals.

S&P Global: Renewables Face 2020 Challenges that Could End Eastern Capacity Markets

Greentech Media: Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2019

E&E News: FERC Throws Support to Fossil Fuels in Largest Power Market

Utility Dive: Virginia, Maryland unveil 100% Clean Energy Plans, but NGOs Not Satisfied

Utility Dive: FERC Move to Raise PJM Capacity Market Bids Shows 'Clear Bias' Against New, Clean Generation: Glick

AEE Statement on FERC’s Order on PJM ‘Minimum Offer Price Rule’

Augusta Free Press: Virginia Clean Economy Act: Ambitious Goals for Environment

Lawmakers, Advocates, Unveil Historic Clean Energy Legislation in Virginia

Greentech Media: FERC Orders PJM to Restrict State-Backed Renewables in its Capacity Market

POLITICO: FERC Decision Looms Over PJM Capacity Market

Smart Energy Decisions: 2019: A Banner Year for Corporate Renewable Energy

Report: Meeting Corporate Demand for Renewables Energy Would Be Economic Boon for Florida