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New York Times: A Year After Trump’s Paris Pullout, U.S. Companies Are Driving a Renewables Boom

Posted by Brad Plumer on Jun 1, 2018

In his update on the one-year anniversary of President Trump announcing U.S. pull out from the Paris climate deal, Brad Plumer reports: ...many of America’s largest corporations said they would honor the agreement anyway, vowing to pursue cleaner energy and cut emissions on their own... Plumer goes on to highlight major corporate trends, including those of AEE members, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Walmart, and includes AEE's perspective: A year later, there’s one area where that pledge is highly visible: renewable energy. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies, from tech giants like Apple and Google to Walmart and General Motors, are voluntarily investing billions of dollars in new wind and solar projects to power their operations or offset their conventional energy use, becoming a major driver of renewable electricity growth in the United States.“You’re definitely not seeing corporations slow down their appetite for renewables under Trump — if anything, demand continues to grow,” said Malcolm Woolf, senior vice president for policy at Advanced Energy Economy, a clean energy business group. “And it means that many utilities increasingly have to evolve to satisfy this demand.”Read the entire New York Times story here. 
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