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Utility Dive: NV Energy to Add 1.2 GW Solar, 2.3 GWh Storage as Large Customer Exit Slows

Posted by Catherine Morehouse on Jun 25, 2019

Utility Dive reported on NV Energy's announcement of three projects adding 1,200 MW of solar and 560 MW of battery storage exceeding the utility's goal to double its renewable energy output by 2023. The piece included reaction by AEE's Ray Fakhoury. See excerpts below and read the entire Utility Dive piece here.

Under state legislation passed in April, NV Energy and any power provider in the state that provides 1 million MWh or more of power has to generate 50% of its power from renewable resources by 2030 and 100% from carbon-free sources by 2050.

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Utility Dive: New governors accelerate clean energy action, propelled by Democratic midterm wave

Posted by Catherine Morehouse on Feb 8, 2019

Utility Dive covers the wave of state-level advanced energy policy that came as a result of midterm elections that brought in governors with clean energy agendas. AEE Managing Director J.R. Tolbert comments on several trends across these states. See excerpts below and the entire Utility Dive story here:

The highly anticipated wave of state-level clean energy policy stemming from last fall's midterm elections is just beginning to make its way across the country, aided by a crop of eleven new Democratic governors, seven of which flipped previously Republican seats.

Many governors have already made clean energy policy a priority in their first month, laying the groundwork to continue or begin their state's transition to a cleaner, more efficient electric grid.

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