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E&E News: Western U.S. Grid Plan Could Remake Renewables

Posted by Edward Klump on Jul 2, 2021

E&E News summarized potential plans for RTO expansion in the west, quoting AEE’s Amisha Rai. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Stronger grid collaboration may finally be within reach for the western U.S., offering to reshape how wind and solar power is shuttled from state to state in the era of decarbonization.

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E&E News: 10 Ways to Fix the Power Grid

Posted by Edward Klump on Mar 11, 2021

E&E News detailed 10 ways Texas can improve its grid reliability following state-wide blackouts in February, quoting TAEBA’s Suzanne Bertin on how to combat extreme weather. Read excerpts below and the full story here.

Nearly a month after an arctic blast crippled Texas' main power grid, questions continue to fly about how to prevent a similar disaster from occurring again…

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