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Forbes: Electric Vehicles Benefit Utility Customers as Much as Their Owners

Posted by Jeff McMahon on Feb 1, 2019

Forbes covers the widespread benefits of electric vehicles, from beyond their owners to utility customers as well, and addresses key regulatory considerations The article references AEE’s webinar, EVs 101: What Regulators Need to Know About Electric Vehicles, which featured a panel of experts including Proterra’s Eric McCarthy, Siemens' Chris King, and AEE's Matt Stanberry. See excerpts below and the entire Forbes story here:

As electric-vehicle sales mount, observers are finding benefits to society—especially to electric ratepayers—that sometimes surpass the benefits to the EV buyers.

"These vehicles use a different kind of fuel and plug into our electricity system, and the good news about that is that there are a number of cost-benefit studies that are showing this can be really beneficial to all rate payers, not just the drivers of the vehicles," said Matt Stanberry, the managing director of the advanced transportation program for the trade group Advanced Energy Economy

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