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IndyStar: 'Like a Hostage Negotiation': Indiana Bill on Renewable Energy Standards Dies After Pushback

Posted by Sarah Bowman on Apr 15, 2021

IndyStar reports Indiana HB 1381, a bill, aiming to improve market certainty for renewable companies, died on the Senate floor, quoting AEE’s Caryl Auslander on the impact. Read excerpts below and the full story here.

Efforts to send a message that Indiana is open for business to renewables came to an abrupt stop on Tuesday night. A bill that would have established some statewide standards for wind and solar projects — but was amended to grandfather in counties' more restrictive ordinances — died on the Senate floor.

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Indianapolis Star: Biden puts climate change at center of his campaign. Here's what it could mean for Indiana.

Posted by Sarah Bowman on Oct 21, 2020

The Indy Star covered the positive effects of Biden's proposed climate plan on Indiana's economy, referencing AEE's Indiana Jobs report. Read excerpts below and the full piece here.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has made climate change an integral component throughout his platform, even closely tying his plan for economic recovery from the pandemic to combating the climate crisis...

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Indy Star: Controversial Coal Bill Passes off the House Floor, Heads to Indiana Senate

Posted by Sarah Bowman on Feb 3, 2020

Indy Star covered Indiana Bill 1414 and its opposition by AEE, business and civil rights groups as it makes its way to the Senate. Read excerpts below and the entire Indy Star piece here. 

The controversial Indiana bill that could delay closing coal plants and raise rates for customers is still alive and on its way to the Senate. In a relatively close vote, House Bill 1414 passed out of the House, 52 to 41. In fact, the vote was tight enough that House Speaker Rep. Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, cast a "yes" vote — the speaker does not normally vote unless it will make a difference in the outcome. 

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