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Virginia Mercury: Natural Gas Development is Speeding Up in Virginia. Legislators Will Have to Square That With State Climate Goals.

Posted by Sarah Vogelsong on Dec 30, 2020

Virginia Mercury reported on Virginia's energy mix and natural gas development given Gov. Ralph Northam's recent call for a carbon-free grid, including quotes by Virginia AEE's Harry Godfrey. Read excerpts below and the entire Virginia Mercury piece here. 

This September, Gov. Ralph Northam took the stage at the inaugural Virginia Clean Energy Summit to announce he was committing the state to a carbon-free grid by 2050. “I always say that I want Virginia to be a welcoming place, with our lights on and our doors open,” he said. “Well, I also want those lights to be powered by clean energy.” But as the governor received a standing ovation, elsewhere in the commonwealth work was underway to massively expand infrastructure supporting a very different — and decidedly not carbon-free — type of energy: natural gas. 

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Virginia Mercury: Dominion's Green Energy Package Comes with a Catch: Coal. Businesses aren't Happy

Posted by Sarah Vogelsong on Oct 30, 2019

Virginia Mercury covered concerns about Dominion's new green energy package, including those raised by AEE's Caitlin Marquis and AEE member Walmart. Read excerpts below and the entire Virginia Mercury piece here. 

Dominion Energy’s newest plan for a renewable energy package that environmentally conscious customers can buy is causing some big businesses, including Walmart, to push back against what they call “an unattractive offering.” Why? Companies and an industry group that represents some of Virginia’s and the nation’s largest employers have two complaints. First, the portfolio of renewable energy resources assembled by Dominion includes numerous carbon-emitting facilities, some decades old, including one in Southwest Virginia that derives 93 percent of its energy from coal and is listed by Dominion on its website as a coal asset.

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Virginia Mercury: Northern Virginia Continues to Dominate Advanced Energy Jobs, Report Shows

Posted by Sarah Vogelsong on Aug 8, 2019

The Virginia Mercury covered Virginia AEE's release of the latest Virginia Advanced Energy fact sheet, reporting top counties for jobs and quoting AEE's Bob Keough. See excerpts below and read the entire VM piece here.
Advanced energy jobs continue to be largely clustered in major metro areas in eastern Virginia, a report released this week by a national energy industry business group shows. According to data from Advanced Energy Economy, the largest number of advanced energy jobs in Virginia are found in Fairfax County, the state’s largest locality.
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