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Consumer Reports: Going Solar Still a Good Idea Despite New Tariff

Posted by Octavio Blanco on Jan 23, 2018
Consumer Reports concludes that "any price hike is likely to be small—and there are plenty of other incentives," adding that "Even with the new U.S. tariff on imports of solar panels, this is still a good time for consumers to go solar... because any price increase in solar panels is likely to be minor—and there are plenty of other incentives for homeowners to make the switch." This after talking to a number of solar industry experts. He included observations from AEE's Malcolm Woolf who also spoke for the Advance Energy Buyers Group that AEE convenes: the tariff is temporary and declines over a four-year period, then goes ends; homeowners who are considering installing solar energy might want to act sooner rather than later given the federal 30 percent feeral tax credit will phase out by 2022; and "that solar energy continues to be a good investment..."

The story also references Advanced Energy Buyers Group members Google, Amazon, and Walmart, and their commitment to solar to meet sustainabilty targets in reaction to consumer demand. 

Read the full Consumer Reports article here.  

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