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Des Moines Register covers AEEI Iowa Employment Survey

Posted by Industry News on Dec 16, 2014

The Des Moines Register covered a recent report released by Advanced Energy Economy Institute, in its recent story, "Iowa projected to add 1,330 energy jobs in 2015." The projected gains in Iowa's advanced energy industry would push up "employment in wind, solar, renewable fuels and energy efficiency to nearly 24,000."

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Business News also picked up the survey, publishing a piece entitled, "New survey details Iowa's advanced energy sector." 

"Accounting for 22,643 workers at 1,427 establishments, the advanced energy industry in Iowa is largely 'deployment-based,' with nearly half of all firms (47 percent) engaged in the installation of advanced energy products, and a significant percentage (22 percent) focused on sales and distribution. Engineering and research firms account for 11 percent of advanced energy firms in Iowa, while manufacturing and assembly companies make up 6 percent of the total," Business News reported.

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