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Posted by Industry News on Jun 27, 2013

In a speech Tuesday at Georgetown University, President Obama unveiled an ambitious new climate action plan to curb pollution and increase the amount of renewable energy installed in the US. Obama called to put an end to the “dumping of carbon pollution" with the first-ever federal regulations on heat-trapping gases emitted by new and existing power plants.

The proposal included improved efficiency requirements for both buildings and household appliances, and a doubling of the nation’s solar, wind and other renewable energy production. Additionally, Obama said he would not approve the Keystone pipeline if it’s shown to “significantly exacerbate the climate problem.”

Advanced Energy Economy’s Graham Richard released a statement in support of the Obama’s new climate and energy agenda that was picked up by a number of outlets.

Domestic Fuel reports:

“In anticipation of his plan, groups from around the country reacted to his new climate plan. Graham Richard, CEO of Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) said, “As a business voice for technology-driven energy progress, AEE believes that President Obama’s plan moves the United States toward a smarter energy future, for economic as well as environmental benefits.”

Alternative Energy Magazine quoted Richard along with several other industry leaders in their breakdown of the speech:

"Energy efficiency standards will save money as well as energy. Utilizing public lands for their solar and wind resources follows in the footsteps of mineral resources and forestry products and should be pursued in the interest of national prosperity. New regulations on emissions will accelerate the replacement of outmoded power plants with high efficiency and low emitting technologies," said Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) CEO Graham Richard.”