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Energy News Network: Does Virginia have the pieces in place for an offshore wind boom?

Posted by Elizabeth McGowan on Jun 25, 2018

This in-depth Energy News Network article discusses the expansion of offshore wind energy in Virginia. AEE's Harrison Godfrey is given the last word. Link to the full article here. Excerpts below:

Virginia has been slow to dip its toe into offshore wind energy, but advocates predict the industry is primed for a growth spurt over the next decade.

That said, Virginia wind boosters will still need to overcome a traditionally conservative state regulatory board, as well as competition from other states.

Part of Virginia’s wind momentum is due to Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, elected last year, piggybacking on a green trend initiated by his predecessor and fellow Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Both chambers now have slimmer Republican majorities, and Northam, a doctor, has proven adept at bipartisan negotiating.

Harrison Godfrey, executive director of the Virginia Advanced Energy Economy, said his organization backs renewables across the board, but hasn’t yet settled on a specific number of megawatts for wind. Orsted is among the business group’s 25-plus members in Virginia.

“The state and region that decides to lead on offshore wind will enjoy the gains of providing the supply chain and jobs,” Godfrey said. One of his fears is that the state will move too slowly and lose out on a growth opportunity for which it is well suited.

“The race is on,” Godfrey said, “and to the victor go the spoils.”

Link to the full EN article here.

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