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Posted by Industry News on Apr 17, 2013

America's first enhanced geothermal system (EGS) has come online. The project, based in New Hampshire, is producing 1.2 megawatts to an existing power plant. ORMAT, the company behind the project, has been developing the project since 2002. The industry has been in search of advanced geothermal technology that would allow for safe and cost-effective production of energy. ORMAT has developed "game-changing" technology with this project. Renewable Energy World explains:

At Desert Peak, ORMAT had previously drilled a well that only allowed an injection rate of about four gallons per minute, which was then deemed unproductive and abandoned. After performing years of research that included creating seismicity protocol, the EGS procedure was a success, and the well now has an injection rate of up to 1,600 gallons per minute — it was essentially connected to the existing reservoir at the site. “The really exciting part is that this technology is, in short, a game-changer,” said Paul Thomsen, director of policy and business development at ORMAT. “Folks in the industry can now go back to existing wells that were unproductive if they had permeability problems, implement this technology at a relatively low cost, and potentially breathe life into unproductive wells — this can essentially increase the longevity of an existing project or increase power output.”