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Forbes: Maximizing Distributed Energy Resources: Global Insights on... Grid Regs

Posted by Mike O'Boyle on Mar 5, 2019

Forbes featured AEE’s graphic of Performance-Based Regulation by state in this story about new research on how various governments are exploring the best policies to effectively deploy more distributed energy resources. See excerpts below and read the entire Forbes piece here:

Fast-falling renewable energy costs are rapidly decarbonizing electricity grids across the world, but higher renewables penetrations requires better balancing of power supplies and demand – so how can governments create policy and regulation for a complex multi-way energy tech system to fast-track emissions reduction and reduce consumer costs?

New research by Dr. Gabrielle Kuiper shows that international regulators are exploring many of the same policies U.S. states are using to maximize cheap but variable renewables, harness demand flexibility, and reshape utility business models away from capital intensity toward system optimization...

[She] interviewed dozens of experts and regulators from leading regions around the world, including New York, California, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, the European Union, Germany, and Norway to find answers to this question – especially on distribution network regulation.

For example, the report finds the UK, EU, and Norway are exploring models to optimize demand-side resources through a distribution system operator model, similar to (and in cases inspired by) New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) process...

See AEE's map of PBR policy by state and read the entire Forbes piece here.

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