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Forbes: The $150 Billion Road Electric School Buses Can Ride To Create American Jobs And Protect Kids’ Health

Posted by Sarah Spengeman on Apr 25, 2022

Forbes detailed New York's route to 100% electric buses, citing AEE's Leah Meredith on the benefits of these cutting edge vehicles. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Anyone who has gone to school in the United States remembers the smell of diesel exhaust from riding the iconic yellow school bus, but few realize the danger of breathing those fumes. Thankfully, our children can ride pollution-free, all-electric buses that don’t cause asthma or harm brain development – and electrifying our school bus fleet is worth billions to American manufacturing.

The electric school bus transition is accelerating across the country. California’s Modesto City Schools recently placed the largest electric bus order in history, Boston is switching its 700 school buses to electric, and New York just passed a bill to electrify its statewide school bus fleet by 2035. And more schools can plug in thanks to the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’s (IIJA) $5 billion for clean school buses...

Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) estimates that every $1 spent on clean buses stimulates $2.6 in private investment, and finds the IIJA's $5 billion for cleaner school buses will add $6 billion to our economy and create 46,000 job-years.

Experts predict additional public investments in clean buses for kids could create a tipping point for electrifying all medium- and heavy-duty transportation in the U.S., bolstering health and economic benefits...

“New York is now on track to be the fastest state in the nation to deploy a fully electric school bus fleet…which gives the green light to school bus and charging infrastructure manufacturers to bring cutting-edge technologies and their benefits to New York's school children,” said Leah Meredith of AEE.

Read the full article here.

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