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Fox11 News (Reno): Assembly Passes Bill Funding Electric School Buses, Semi-Trucks

Posted by Fox News Team on May 15, 2019
Fox11 News (Reno) covered Assembly passage of SB299 and AB377, bills that advance electric transportation in Nevada, including perspective from AEE's Ray Fakhoury. See excerpts below and the entire story here.

The Nevada Assembly passed Senate Bill 299 Wednesday that would provide funding for Nevada school districts to invest in electric school buses. The vote was with overwhelming support, 39-1. The bill will now head to Governor Sisolak's desk for his signature...
... Governor Sisolak also signed into law this afternoon Assembly Bill 377, which lifts weight limits to allow electric heavy duty trucks to use Nevada's roads.

"AB377 marks another step in leveling the playing field in the transportation space, lifting barriers that could prevent innovation and investment opportunities for companies interested in electrifying their fleet,” said Ray Fakhoury, Principal with the Advanced Energy Economy. “The benefits of electrifying Nevada’s transportation sector will reverberate throughout the economy as more EV options come online and the cost to ownership decreases.”

See the entire Fox News story here.

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