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GreenBiz: Buyers brace as Trump slaps tariffs on solar imports

Posted by Cassandra Sweet on Jan 22, 2018

This story recapped industry reaction to tariffs imposed by the Administration on solar panel and component imports. The reporter included the perspective of the Advanced Energy Buyers Group:

"'The president's decision to impose 30 percent tariffs on imported solar cells and modules will have the unfortunate consequence of raising costs for downstream solar customers, including the growing number of leading companies that are sourcing their electricity from renewable resources,' said Malcolm Woolf, a senior vice president at Advanced Energy Economy and representative of the Advanced Energy Buyers Group. The organization's members include corporations such as Apple, Google, Walmart and Facebook that procure considerable amounts of solar, wind and other clean power to meet their corporate carbon emissions reduction targets.

"Woolf added that higher prices will 'slow the growth of solar,' because to corporate buyers, 'price matters.'

"While many trade groups and analysts agreed that the tariffs are unlikely to boost  U.S. solar panel manufacturing, they disagreed on the extent to which the duties will hurt the U.S. solar market... "

Read the entire GreenBiz story here.

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