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Posted by Industry News on Jun 12, 2013

Idaho Statesman // Jun 12, 2013

Idaho Power Co., is defending its solar power proposal before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. The proposal would allow solar customer s to "self-select" the year-long period when they may use the credits earned from the solar panel generation. More controversial, however, is Idaho Power's plan to stop paying customers for the excess power they use. The utility argued they must change their rate structure for "net-metering customers"-- people who produce more power than they use. The company plans to double the amount of power it pulls from the net-metering customers, and increase the rate for the power solar and wind system owners do pull from the grid, and plans to quadruple the fees for hooking up the systems to the grid.

"Customers who reduce their base charges to zero through financial credits can avoid contributing to energy-efficiency programs and municipal fees in addition to avoiding the costs of distribution, infrastructure and customer services," Matt Larkin, a regulatory analyst for Idaho Power, said in testimony filed with the commission.

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