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National clean energy business group AEE praises historic Build Back Better framework

Posted by Adam Winer on Oct 28, 2021
Clean energy investments will improve the way America powers its homes, cars and businesses.

WASHINGTON, October 28, 2021 – Today, the White House presented a framework for a Build Back Better Act, which will guide the drafting of legislative language for Congress to consider.

Federal policy director Leah Rubin Shen of the national business association Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) released the following statement about the framework:

“This framework outlines the single largest investment in clean energy in the history of our country, significantly improving the way America powers its homes, cars, and businesses. It will make it easier for families to put solar on their roofs and electric vehicles in their garages so they can save money, and it will make the energy coming into our homes more efficiently sourced and less reliant on fluctuating gas prices in the coming years.

"What’s smart about this proposal is that it supercharges existing and well-understood programs, like tax credits, which means money can begin flowing to clean energy companies and U.S. job creators more quickly. And new ‘direct pay’ provisions would speed up the energy transition by allowing companies to skip the middleman bankers, which will help launch more solar and wind projects across the country.

“Much of the technology needed to make the clean energy future is already made in America, and increasing manufacturing credits would help scale domestic supply chains for these and other advanced energy technologies, like offshore wind and solar as well as batteries and home heating and cooling technology.”

Rubin Shen leads federal legislative and political engagement on wholesale markets and co-leads AEE’s Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Infrastructure Working Group. She is available by request to discuss the framework and what it would mean for advanced energy businesses.

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