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Ohio AEE Opposes House Bill to Bail Out Aging Money-Losing Power Plants

Posted by Monique Hanis on Apr 16, 2019

HB6 fails to live up to promises of comprehensive energy reform in Ohio, instead offering a handout to a bankrupt power company at consumer expense, business group says

COLUMBUS, April 16, 2019 — Today, Ohio Advanced Energy Economy (Ohio AEE) declared its opposition to House Bill 6*, a bill that would raise electricity rates on all Ohioans to bail out money-losing nuclear generating facilities across the state.

“This bill is nowhere close to being a comprehensive approach to Ohio’s energy future in the best interest of consumers. Instead it significantly increases rates on all consumers, to the tune of $300 million annually, and directs nearly $180 million of hard-earned ratepayer dollars into the coffers of FirstEnergy Solutions,” said Ted Ford, President of Ohio AEE.

For two years, legislative leaders have been promising to put forward comprehensive energy reform, and Gov. DeWine campaigned on developing an “all of the above” approach to Ohio’s energy future. Instead, HB6 offers a handout for the bankrupt owners of aging, uneconomic power plants at the expense of consumers, under the guise of “preserving low carbon electricity generation.”

“The sudden interest in carbon-free generation on the part of proponents is simply disingenuous, given the legislature’s demonstrated hostility toward zero-carbon renewable energy and efficiency investments,” said Ford. “Since 2012, Ohio lawmakers have worked to undermine and obstruct advanced energy development in the state by establishing overly restrictive rules on wind siting and undermining Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. Indeed, this legislation would gut what remains of the state’s renewable energy and efficiency programs, giving the lie to the bill’s so-called ‘Clean Air Program.’

“Ohio AEE urges the House, the Senate, and the Governor to reject this regressive proposal and work with all stakeholders to chart a truly comprehensive path that includes advanced energy,” said Ford.

About Ohio Advanced Energy Economy 
Ohio Advanced Energy Economy (Ohio AEE) is the business voice behind Ohio’s advanced energy industry. Our organization works to make the energy all Ohioans use clean, secure, and affordable. Advanced energy encompasses a broad range of products and services that constitute the best available technologies for meeting energy needs today and tomorrow. Learn more at and follow the latest news at @OHAdvEnergyEcon.

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