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Ohio State Senator Attempts to Roll Back Advanced Energy Progress

Posted by Industry News on Sep 26, 2013 // Sep 26, 2013

Ohio Senator Bill Seitz, chair of the Public Utilities Committee in the State Senate, has filed a bill to water down that state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy standards. His bill to repeal Ohio’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) stalled, as did every other effort to date in the nationwide campaign to roll back state RPS laws. Seitz’s new bill would cost Ohioans $3.65 billion in additional energy costs over the next dozen years, according to economic modeling from The Ohio State University’s Center for Resilience commissioned by Ohio Advanced Energy Economy, AEE’s state partner. Ohio AEE has launched a legislative campaign to defeat the bill and protect Ohio’s advanced energy future. 

“These OSU findings prove the economic benefits of our state’s Renewable and Energy Efficiency Standards,” said Ted Ford, President and CEO of Ohio Advanced Energy Economy. “Ohio’s advanced energy companies are stepping forward to let the Ohio Senate know that Senator Seitz’s bill would increase energy costs, and would pull the rug out from under more than 400 Ohio companies and 25,000 employees in Ohio who are working to deliver advanced energy products and solutions today.”