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Roanoke Times (Opinion): Governor, appoint an SCC Commissioner – and point Virginia toward advanced energy

Posted by Advanced Energy Economy on Mar 28, 2018

The Roanoke Times published an opinion piece urging Va. Governor Northam to seize a unique opportunity to appoint the next SCC commissioner. The piece was authored by Harrison Godfrey Godfrey, Executive Director of Virginia Advanced Energy Economy, a coalition of businesses that seek to make the Commonwealth’s energy more secure, clean, and affordable (and state chapter of AEE). Here is an excerpt — click link to read the entire piece.

Gov. Ralph Northam has an opportunity — through a rare vacancy on the State Corporation Commission (SCC) — to unleash innovation and accelerate economic growth in the commonwealth. We urge him to seize it.

The SCC regulates Virginia’s energy economy, overseeing everything from the costs a utility may recoup for building infrastructure (such as pipelines) to the development of wind power in places such as Botetourt County. This past February, Judge James Dimitri, one of the three members of the SCC, retired.

Under normal circumstances, vacancies on the SCC are filled by the General Assembly, without the governor’s input. Although legislators considered a number of candidates to fill the remainder of Dimitri’s term, they failed to reach consensus before adjournment. As a result, the responsibility to fill this vacancy — in accordance with Virginia’s Constitution — falls to the governor.

Gov. Northam must assume this responsibility, and seize the opportunity. The SCC has the power to permit — or block — the deployment of new advanced energy technologies. Innovations such as wind, solar, and energy efficiency can save Virginians money while making our economy cleaner and more secure...

Read the entire Roanoke Times Opinion piece here.

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