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RTO Insider: Overheard at OMS 2018 Annual Meeting

Posted by Amanda Durish Cook on Oct 28, 2018

RTO Insider covered the Organization of MISO States’ 2018 Annual Meeting, quoting AEE’s Jeff Denis on how the current system has evolved as distributed energy resources (DERs) have expanded. Link to the full article here. 

Excerpts of the RTO Insider story are below:       

The Organization of MISO States last week reflected on its 15 years of existence and looked ahead to how its member states can best accommodate an evolving grid…

Talk quickly shifted from past and present to the future of the bulk power system, the rise of distributed energy resources and cloudy jurisdictional issues…

The discussion fit a pattern of recent OMS panels by veering to DERs and how states can best manage them…

Advanced Energy Economy’s Jeff Dennis said DERs exist in a jurisdictional gray area, governed by sporadic and “nuanced” FERC precedent and the 1935 Federal Power Act, which was drafted when there was sharp distinction between transmission and distribution.

“The reality is between 1935 and today, the system has become much more interconnected,” Dennis said…

Panelists also said they didn’t know what DER interconnection agreements to wholesale markets will look like. Some even ventured that states might be able to prohibit individual DER wholesale market participation if those DERs agree to enter a statewide aggregation program.

See the complete RTO Insider story here.


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