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Posted by Industry News on Mar 7, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle // Mar 07, 2013

The San Francisco Chronicle covers the release of AEE's report on California's advanced energy policies. As the Chronicle reports:

"The state has an array of policies and programs designed to increase the use of renewable power and electric cars, curb the carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming and make buildings more energy efficient. And those policies have made California the nation's leading hub for the clean-tech industry. But executives who took part in the survey worry that no one has a clear idea how these policies will interact with each other or how much they could cost businesses and consumers. Oversight is split among several government agencies, each with its own focus. The state needs to harmonize its many efforts, according to the report."

The survey, available for download here [link to:], is compiled from responses from 30 CEOs from across the advanced energy industry spectrum. In every case, the CEOs praised California for its forward-looking policies, but pointed out ways in which the state could make it better for business. The Chronicle quotes AEE's CEO Graham Richard.

"We have all these policies and initiatives developed over the years, and they've been excellent for getting us to where we are now," said Graham Richard, chief executive officer of Advanced Energy Economy. "Now we need to have an integrated action plan."

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