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SJ Merc News Reports on Tesla Model 3, AEE SVP Steve Chadima comments

Posted by Lou Hansen | San Jose Mercury News on Jul 23, 2017

As the Tesla Model 3 rolls onto the market, AEE SVP of External Affairs Steve Chadima comments on the excitement generated by Tesla and EV adoption rates; story mentions proposed Calif. EV incentive bill co-sponsored by AEE. From the story:

"Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, is proposing more generous subsidies, essentially making electric car costs the same as comparable gas-powered vehicles. The bill is being considered in the state Senate.

'We don’t think the adoption rates are going quickly enough,' said Steve Chadima, senior vice president at Advanced Energy Economy, an association of clean energy businesses.

The company essentially got a $400 million advance to build their car from the $1,000-apiece Model 3 reservations, Chadima said. 'They’ve figured out how to tap into people’s excitement.'"

Read the full story here.


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