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Solar Builder: EV Update: Seven steps for regulators, New York rebate, EVgo ramps deployment

Posted by Chris Crowell on Oct 8, 2018

This Solar Builder piece highlights AEE’s recently released EV 101 Issue Briefto highlight key areas state regulators should consider given the potentially rapid electrification of the nation’s vehicle fleet. Link to full Solar Builder article here. See AEE’s full EV Issue Brief here. Excerpts of the Solar Builderstory are below:

Advanced Energy Economy (AEE)released an issue brief outlining seven steps state regulators should take to prepare for a surge in electric vehicles. In EVs 101: A Regulatory Plan for America’s Electric Transportation Future, AEEnotes that plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) currently account for a small share of vehicle sales, but a high – and accelerating – growth rate is putting EVs on the agendas of public utility commissions (PUCs) around the country. To address the potentially rapid electrification of the vehicle fleet – from passenger cars to delivery vehicles, buses, and trucks – state regulators should take measures to maximize the benefits and minimize the challenges associated with this transportation transformation…

The piece went on to list and briefly explain the 7 steps outlined by AEE. See the complete Solar Builder story here




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