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Solar Builder: Virginia readies energy plan that calls for 3 GW of solar, wind by 2022

Posted by Chris Crowell on Oct 8, 2018

This Solar Builder piece discusses Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s newly released 2018 Virginia Energy Plan and highlights policy suggestions made by Virginia Advanced Energy Economy. Link to the full article here. See Virginia AEE’s Oct. 2 statement here. Excerpts of the Solar Builderstory are below:

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam released the 2018 Virginia Energy Plan, which included a detailed strategy to increase access to solar and expand solar production in the state. Specifically, the plan calls for developing new solar purchase options for corporate customers and small businesses, expanding community solar, and adding 3,000 MW of solar and wind to the grid by 2022…

The 2018 Virginia Energy Plan aims to significantly expand solar energy in Virginia, which is currently ranked 17th in the nation for its 635 MW of installed solar capacity. Today, the solar industry supports more than 3,500 jobs and nearly 200 companies across the state.

The 2018 Energy Plan follows a stakeholder process conducted by the Northam Administration this summer. Virginia Advanced Energy Economy group provided in-depth recommendations through that process. A number of these recommendations were incorporated into the Governor’s Plan…

The piece went on to list, and briefly explain, the incorporated recommendations. See the complete Solar Builder story here.




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