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The Hill cites AEE report in Coverage of EPA's Proposed Regulations for Power Plants

Posted by Industry News on Jun 3, 2014

As The Hill reports, the proposed Environmental Protection Agency carbon emissions rules have opened the door for a long overdue chat about how to produce reliable, affordable power. The article also mentions Advanced Energy Economy’s report on 40 technologies for greenhouse gas reduction:

“Another recent report, commissioned by the Advanced Energy Economy, points to 40 emerging technologies that are already changing the US electric power system while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The technology sectors reviewed range from building and industrial efficiency to power generation and grid management and represents a nearly $170 billion annual domestic market, and a $1.1 trillion global market, about the same as the global pharmaceuticals’ sector.  

"Deploying these technologies even more widely will not just help states meet new greenhouse gas standards, it will also modernize the country’s electric power system, making it more resilient, reliable and efficient. For some companies, there will be export opportunities around the world by capitalizing on the rapidly growing advanced energy sector.”

Read the full article here. Download the report here.

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