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The Hill: Energy groups, greens slam utility’s plea for emergency rescue

Posted by Timothy Cama on Mar 29, 2018

The Hill reported: "Groups representing certain energy sources are joining with environmentalists and others to criticize FirstEnergy Corp.’s request that the Trump administration rescue its coal and nuclear power plants.

"Competing power sources accused FirstEnergy of misleading the Energy Department and the public into thinking the electric grid is at a far higher risk of failure without coal and nuclear plants than it is.

“FirstEnergy needs to stop misleading the public and government officials about the status of its power plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania,” Todd Snitchler, director of market development at the American Petroleum Institute, said in a statement... "

The story included AEE's statement: "Advanced Energy Economy, which represents companies that buy clean energy, joined in.

“This outrageous attempt to evade established market procedures is unprecedented,” said Malcolm Woolf, senior vice president for policy at the organization.

See The Hill  story as published here.

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