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The Roanoke Times (op-ed): Smart emission markets benefit our economy and families

Posted by Harry Godfrey on Mar 27, 2019

The Roanoke Times published this op-ed by Virginia Advanced Energy Economy's Harrison Godfrey, supporting Governor Northam’s veto of HB. 2611 (an attempt to restrict Virginia's ability to participate in market trading systems) and encouraging line-item veto of a similar restriction in the budget. See excerpts below and the entire Roanoke Times op-ed here:

On March 14, Gov. Northam issued one of his first vetoes this year. HB. 2611 would have made it harder for the Commonwealth to establish cost-effective, free-market emission rules for power plants. By vetoing it and the corresponding budget language, which we presume he will address, the governor did all Virginians, especially those living paycheck to paycheck, a favor.

Over the past several years, successive governors have been working to find affordable ways to reduce harmful emissions from power plants. Last year, this administration proposed a rule to cap those emissions. Under this rule, large generators would buy and sell emission credits on an open market, encouraging them to find the most cost-effective ways to cut pollution.

A variety of states have developed similar rules. Linking those states creates an ever more open, effective market for credits. This helps policymakers and electricity producers cut emissions more and more cost-effectively. HB. 2611 would have stopped Virginia from joining such a cost-saving multi-state marketplace…

See the complete Roanoke Times op-ed here.

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