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AEE Joins Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and Business Leaders to Say It's Time for Electric Vehicles

Posted by Adam Winer on Aug 18, 2021

PHOENIX, August 17, 2021 – Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego today joined business leaders to call for modernizing the transportation sector by investing in advanced vehicles and transportation infrastructure, as well as expanding electric vehicle (EV) tax incentives.

At the press conference hosted by the Arizona Technology Council, Advanced Energy Economy, Ceres, Mayor Gallego and other clean vehicle advocates urged Congress to pass a budget that makes ambitious investments in EVs, creating jobs and spurring economic opportunity for all Arizonans. Speakers also urged U.S. Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly to expand the EV market through tax credits and support ambitious investments in the infrastructure needed to support EVs.

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ACC-Commissioned Analysis Shows Clean Energy to be ‘Reliable and Cost-Effective’

Posted by Adam Winer on Aug 17, 2021

Advanced energy business group urges ACC to finalize proposed energy rules to provide regulatory certainty to continue growth

PHOENIX, August 17, 2021 — A new analysis commissioned by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), while acknowledging that it is unable to project long-term costs to consumers, finds that transitioning to clean and advanced energy options is “reliable and cost-effective” in the near-term.

“The report shows that clean and advanced energy solutions in Arizona can be both reliable and cost-effective with today’s technology,” said Shelby Stults, a principal at Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), a national business group representing companies working to make the energy we use secure, clean, and affordable. “Arizona is full of potential when it comes to providing solar power, energy storage, and other advanced energy technologies. Businesses across the country are looking to Arizona’s utility commissioners to provide the regulatory certainty they need to invest in the state.”

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Arizona Corporation Commission Revives Clean Energy Rules

Posted by Cayli Baker on May 26, 2021

ACC moves clean energy rules forward with two new proposed amendments at its Wednesday Contingency Meeting

PHOENIX, May 26, 2021 — Today, national business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE)applauded the passage of the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) Energy Rules in the ACC’s Contingency Meeting.


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Utility Dive:  Arizona Regulators Toss 3-Year Effort for 100% Clean Energy Mandate

Posted by Iulia Gheorghiu on May 7, 2021

Utility Dive outlined Arizona regulators move to toss 100% clean energy mandates, quoting AEE’s Shelby Stults on the disappointment. Read snippets below and the full article here.

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) voted down its proposed clean energy rules at Wednesday's open meeting, ending a three-year collaborative process with broad stakeholder and utility support to transition the state's generation to 100% clean resources by 2050.

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Canary Media: Arizona Rejects Plan for 100% Carbon-Free Electricity

Posted by Emma Foehringer Merchant on May 6, 2021

Canary Media summarized the Arizona Corporation Commission’s vote rejecting 100% clean energy rules, quoting AEE’s Shelby Stults on the outcome. Read snippets below and the full story here.

Arizona’s years-long effort to shift its electricity generation to entirely carbon-free sources hit a significant roadblock on Wednesday when state regulators voted against rules requiring 100 percent clean energy by midcentury.

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S&P Global: Ariz. Regulators Kill 100% Clean Power Proposal Amid 'Political Theater'

Posted by Garrett Hering on May 6, 2021

S&P Global outlined Arizona regulators’ vote against 100% carbon-free electricity, quoting AEE’s Shelby Stults on the surprising outcome. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Despite strong support to completely wean Arizona's power sector off fossil fuels in coming decades, including from Arizona Public Service Co., the state's largest utility, state regulators late on May 5 shot down a sweeping proposal to reach 100% carbon-free electricity by midcentury.

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Corporation Commission’s Rejection of Proposed Energy Rules Takes Arizona Off Course

Posted by Cayli Baker on May 6, 2021

ACC vote to reject rule to reach 100% clean energy by 2050, along with other utility reforms, comes after more than three years of stakeholder engagement and bipartisan cooperation, despite widespread support.

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Arizona Public Service, AEE Announce Arizona Clean Energy Future Project

Posted by Monique Hanis on Feb 13, 2020

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Arizona’s largest electricity provider and national business group work with companies to identify and evaluate technologies to meet clean energy goals

PHOENIX and WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 13, 2020 – Today, Arizona Public Service (NYSE: PNW) and national business organization Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) announced Arizona Clean Energy Future, a joint project to develop solutions to help APS achieve its ambitious goals for clean energy and support electrification of the transportation sector.

The Arizona Clean Energy Future project involves 13 AEE member companies representing a range of advanced energy technologies and services working with APS to explore and evaluate innovative clean energy ideas and prioritize those that will be most beneficial for APS customers, the Phoenix metropolitan area and the broader region.

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