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Canary Media: FERC Order 2222: Experts offer cheers and jeers for first round of filings

Posted by Jeff St. John on Mar 14, 2022

Canary Media detailed how U.S. grid operators are planning to open up their energy markets to distributed energy, quoting AEE's Jeff Dennis on FERC Order 2222 and initial implementation plans and Caitlin Marquis on baseline erosion. Read snippets below and the full article here

The future of the power grid lies in tapping the gigawatts of capacity coming from distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar, home batteries, electric vehicles and energy-smart devices — DERs for short. Ultimately, this will radically reconfigure how the U.S. electricity grid works. But getting there will be a long and complicated process...

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Topics: Wholesale Markets, AEE In The News, Caitlin Marquis, Jeff Dennis

E&E News: Northeast grid rules could make or break clean energy

Posted by Miranda Willson on Nov 22, 2021

E&E News detailed potential changes underway for New England’s grid operator, quoting AEE's Caitlin Marquis on renewable energy goals. Read snippets below and the full story here.

New England’s grid operator is considering an overhaul of regional power market rules that could determine whether Northeast states meet their clean energy goals, creating uncertainty in a region pivotal for reaching President Biden’s push for 100 percent clean electricity.

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Topics: AEE In The News, Caitlin Marquis