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AEE Supports Use of Defense Production Act, Calls for Full Funding & Implementation

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 29, 2022

Letter also lauds two-year bridge for solar imports, calls for swift end to Auxin investigation 

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2022 – Today, national business association Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) sent a letter to the Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, the White House, and leaders on Capitol Hill strongly defending President Biden’s use of the Defense Production Act (DPA) to expand domestic production of “five critical clean energy technologies,” including solar, heat pumps, power grid infrastructure, building insulation, and equipment for making and using clean electricity-generated fuels.  

As the letter details, this action is vital to address the immediate issues of rising energy prices, U.S. and European exposure to Russian oil and gas, and America’s security interests. AEE called upon the Administration and Congress to significantly increase resources in the DPA Fund to meet this moment. In addition, Congress should harness reconciliation to pass a robust package of energy and manufacturing incentives, akin to those in Build Back Better, to build on the progress the DPA should initiate. AEE Managing Director Harrison Godfrey provided the following statement about the letter and its message to the Administration:

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AEE applauds Biden administration actions to pause solar tariffs and grow advanced energy domestic manufacturing

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 6, 2022

WASHINGTON, June 6, 2022 – Today national business association Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) celebrated the announcement from the Biden Administration that it will expand use of the Defense Production Act to include solar panels and component parts, as well as building insulation, heat pumps, electrolyzers, platinum group metals, fuel cells, and transformers. The White House also announced a pause on solar trade tariffs to allow clean energy projects across the country to be built while the country scales up domestic manufacturing of supply chain components. 

“This is a needed stay in a more than decade-long tariff war that has been a loser for all parties,” said AEE CEO Nat Kreamer. “Tariffs only raise costs for consumers and don’t create domestic demand for clean energy. These announcements today provide much-needed stability to the solar industry and the clean energy transition at large, and send the message to Congress that now is the time to act urgently to build the clean energy domestic manufacturing industry this country needs to protect consumers and become energy independent.

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National business group AEE delivers sign-on letter to Senate, White House on growing domestic manufacturing of advanced energy industry

Posted by Adam Winer on May 13, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC, May 13, 2022— National business association Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) delivered a sign-on letter to the U.S. Senate and White House Administration stressing the importance of production-based manufacturing credits as a means of growing the industry domestically. 

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Domestic Manufacturing Would Prosper from Pivot to Advanced Energy Technology

Posted by Adam Winer on Aug 5, 2021

Report findings to be presented during AEE’s ‘Made in America’ webinar, with appearance by U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm

WASHINGTON, DC, August 5, 2021 – Federal policies proposed by President Biden and under consideration by Congress to invest in a decarbonized grid and electrified transportation would grow the U.S. advanced energy manufacturing sector by 365% in five years and create nearly 1 million additional jobs.

That’s the conclusion of a new analysis prepared by Guidehouse Insights for Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), which represents companies working to make the energy we use secure, clean, and affordable. The findings quantify U.S. manufacturing and jobs growth potential should Congress move forward with a Clean Energy Standard (CES) and many of the policies in the Biden Administration’s American Jobs Plan. The findings will be the focus of an online panel discussion today featuring an appearance by U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

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