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California's May revised budget sets the stage for much needed conversation around grid reliability

Posted by Cayli Baker on May 13, 2022

Governor Newsom’s updated budget proposal presents an opportunity to boost the state’s efforts toward a 100% clean grid, but should focus on clean energy reliability strategies to address short-term and long- term needs.

SACRAMENTO, May 13, 2022 — Today, national business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) responded to Governor Newsom’s proposed $8 billion in clean energy and $10 billion in clean transportation investments in his revised budget. 

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amNY (Opinion): New York poised to lead the ‘charge’ on electric school buses

Posted by Leah Meredith on Mar 29, 2022

amNY published Leah Meredith's op-ed on the budget provisions need to accelerate electric school bus adoption in New York. Read snippets below and the full article here.

With more than 45,000 traditional school buses on the road, New York has the largest school bus fleet in the country. That makes the Empire State the perfect candidate to make the jump from diesel to emissions-free school buses. Earlier this year, Governor Kathy Hochul committed to fully electrifying New York’s school buses by 2035. Now, with the state budget due April 1, New York is poised to become the first state in the nation to deliver the resources schools need to provide 100 percent clean rides for kids. 

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Phoenix Independent (Opinion): Utilities may give Arizona customers reasons to sweat

Posted by Shelby Stults on Feb 21, 2022

Phoenix Independent published Shelby Stults' op-ed explaining why two Arizona bills under consideration in the state legislature are bad energy policy. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Sweltering heat waves and unreliable energy access during wildfires are giving Arizonans a lot to worry about when it comes to their power supply. But a plan being considered by the state legislature should give Arizonans even more reason to sweat when it comes to their ability to reliably and affordably keep cool. 

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Report: Virginia Clean Economy Act will cut average electric bill by over $30 per year in 2030

Posted by Adam Winer on Feb 8, 2022

New report commissioned by Virginia AEE finds overall cost savings from decarbonizing Virginia’s electric grid over the next 25 years

RICHMOND, February 8, 2022 – Virginia Advanced Energy Economy (Virginia AEE) today released the findings of a new report that quantifies the costs and benefits of 2020’s Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), and found the law will lead to a reduction of electric bills for the average Virginia household by $33.76 per year by 2030.

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Clean energy businesses call on Virginia General Assembly to stay the course on building a reliable, affordable and clean energy future for the Commonwealth

Posted by Adam Winer on Jan 28, 2022

The message to Senators and Delegates: The advanced energy industry already employs over 93,000 people across Virginia, and the General Assembly’s new policies, including the VCEA, RGGI and Clean Cars standards, set the Commonwealth up for continued job growth

RICHMOND, January 28, 2022 — In an open letter to the members of the Virginia General Assembly, business leaders from across the advanced energy industry are calling on state Senators and Delegates to stay the course on creating a clean energy future for the Commonwealth. The call to action was organized by Virginia Advanced Energy Economy (Virginia AEE), in partnership with its affiliate organization Advanced Energy Works, which published the open letter online and in a full page ad in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Friday.  

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Arizona regulators reject fully vetted clean energy rules

Posted by Cayli Baker on Jan 26, 2022

After more than three years of stakeholder engagement, ACC turns its back on affordable pathway to 100% advanced energy resources.

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S&P Global: Newsom pitches $8B to accelerate Calif. clean energy, transportation

Posted by Garrett Hering on Jan 10, 2022

S&P Global quoted AEE's Amisha Rai on Governor Newsom's $8 billion proposal for new investments in clean energy and transportation. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Jan. 10 pitched more than $8 billion in new investments into clean energy and transportation as part of California's budget, citing the need to decarbonize the Golden State's economy and keep climate change in check while developing new business opportunities.

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New York Governor green lights electric school buses

Posted by Cayli Baker on Jan 5, 2022

AEE applauds Gov. Hochul’s commitment in her State of the State address and stresses the need for robust, immediate, and equitable state incentives to help school districts cover upfront infrastructure costs and further accelerate progress toward New York’s clean energy goals.

ALBANY, January 5, 2022 — Today national business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) commended New York Governor Hochul’s bold commitment to accelerate electric school bus deployment in this afternoon’s State of the State address. AEE has been a leading voice among a coalition of groups calling on New York to further invest in electric school buses, which would not only generate long-term savings for school districts, but also improve air quality for students, and help the state meet its clean transportation goals.

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Utility Dive: Colorado utilities could cut costs 5% by joining an RTO, PUC finds, as Western market momentum builds

Posted by Ethan Howland on Dec 3, 2021

Utility Dive detailed the Colorado Public Utility Commission's report encouraging state's utilities to join some form of organized wholesale market, quoting AEE's Emilie Olson on the benefits of a regional transmission organization. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Participating in a regional transmission organization (RTO) could save Colorado's utilities up to $230 million a year, or 5% of their costs, while helping meet the state's clean energy goals, according to a study released Wednesday by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission...

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Advanced Energy Industry Leaders Chosen for Nevada’s Regional Grid Task Force

Posted by Adam Winer on Dec 2, 2021

A western RTO would increase competition and lower energy costs

CARSON CITY, December 2, 2021 — Today, national business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) applauded Governor Sisolak for his appointments to the Regional Transmission Coordination Task Force, which includes policy leaders in the advanced energy industry, including Enel North America’s Mona Tierney-Lloyd.

The Task Force was created by Senate Bill (SB) 448* (2021) to study the costs and benefits of joining a regional organized wholesale electricity market and to recommend policies that facilitate utility entrance into a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) by 2030. A western RTO would harness competitive market forces and transparent planning processes to make energy more reliable and affordable for Nevadan ratepayers, and will also spur new private investment and job creation in the state.

“I’m honored to have this opportunity to serve Nevada and Governor Sisolak as the geothermal energy representative on the Regional Transmission Coordination Task Force,” said Mona Tierney-Lloyd, Head of State Public Policy and Institutional Affairs for Enel North America, an AEE member company. “Nevadans deserve all the benefits that come with a transition to clean, affordable, and reliable energy. My goal is that the policies this Task Force ultimately recommends will deliver these benefits.”

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