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Virginia AEE congratulates Youngkin on his victory, looks forward to working with him as Governor to continue to grow Virginia’s advanced energy sector

Posted by Adam Winer on Nov 3, 2021

RICHMOND, November 3, 2021 – Virginia AEE issued a statement congratulating Glenn Youngkin upon his victory and pledging to work with his Administration, as well as leaders in the General Assembly, on policies that will continue the growth of Virginia’s advanced energy industry, providing affordable, reliable, and clean electricity and transportation to all Virginians.

Virginia AEE Executive Director Harrison Godfrey released the following statement this morning:

“We are hopeful that Governor-elect Youngkin, as a business leader, understands the importance of advanced energy to our Commonwealth’s economy. Today, advanced energy employs over 93,000 people in Virginia – more than all the jobs in business consulting and five times the number in telecommunications. This year alone, jobs in advanced energy are expected to grow 8 percent, outpacing the Commonwealth’s economy as a whole. Advanced energy is an important part of getting Virginia back to work after COVID."

“Advanced energy has been instrumental in helping attract business to the Commonwealth. In recent weeks, Siemens Gamesa, a global leader in advanced energy manufacturing, announced it would open the first offshore wind factory in the U.S. at the Port of Virginia - a preview of the manufacturing renaissance Virginia is poised to enjoy."

 “Advanced energy has been an important part of what makes Virginia the best state for business in the country. Fortune 100 companies, like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, are drawn to our Commonwealth in part for affordable, reliable, and clean electricity. Continuing Virginia’s progress towards a fully clean grid will ensure we continue to attract and retain these sorts of businesses."

“Mr. Youngkin has focused on kitchen table issues, such as Virginia’s grocery tax and the cost of gas during this campaign. Advanced energy technologies can help Virginians address such concerns as electric bills and transportation costs. Ensuring that energy efficiency continues to grow across the Commonwealth will, for instance, help cut waste and reduce the energy burden on working families. Sustaining and supporting the expansion of rooftop and community solar will help families, schools, and small businesses better manage their bills and lock in low, predictable energy rates. And helping more Virginians access electric vehicles will help cut the costs of commuting as EVs have lower fuel and maintenance costs."

“Recent history has shown that sensible state policies like the Virginia Clean Economy Act, and the business certainty they create, are a key ingredient to sustaining the growth of advanced energy in Virginia. Moreover, such policies are helping to unlock the practical benefits of advanced energy technologies - lowering bills, improving quality of life - for Virginia families and small businesses. Virginia Advanced Energy Economy and its member companies are eager to engage with Governor-elect Youngkin and his Administration on all these issues in the months ahead."

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