Innovative Energy Financing

Increasing the availability of capital has the potential to transform the economics of advanced energy deployment and create pools of investment capital to fund advanced energy innovation and commercialization. While the cost of advanced energy technologies has been rapidly declining, a price gap remains between advanced energy and traditional, fully depreciated energy sources. With federal incentives uncertain and public resources limited, private capital must be mobilized to meet the needs of a national – and global – energy system in transformation.

AEE aims to radically increase the flow of capital into the advanced energy sector through innovative financing models. The Innovative Energy Financing Program connects top-level executives of advanced energy companies with leading finance professionals to develop, advocate for, and support implementation of innovative public and private sector capital formation strategies at the federal, state, and local level.

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Expanding Energy Savings Through Leverage

In November of 2012, California voters passed Proposition 39, which will raise approximately $500 million annually for the five years to be used for energy efficiency and clean energy projects in schools and other public buildings.

Advanced Energy Economy published a white paper demonstrating several ways the state can leverage funds from private capital sources and transform a one-time opportunity into an ongoing funding source for advanced energy projects. Click to view the press release and read the blog post.