AE Buyers Group

15,000 annual dues

AEE's Advanced Energy Buyers Group leverages the voice of large energy users to inform policy and obtain business intelligence to achieve corporate energy goals. Participation in the AE Buyers Group is limited to energy purchasers.

Does not include access to

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Affiliate Membership

10,000 annual dues

Ideally suited for law firms, consulting firms, and other service providers, AEE's Affiliate membership provides access to AEE's key events, branding, and thought leadership opportunities, and a subscription to PowerSuite, our energy policy software platform.

Includes 3 seats on
PowerSuite Essential or Starter

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Utility Committee

15,000 - 35,000 annual dues

AEE’s Utility Committee engages leaders from utilities and independent system operators in conversations with company executives on issues challenging utilities and regulators in a changing electric power system in coordination with our 21st Century Electricity System Initiative.

Includes 5 seats on
PowerSuite Essential

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Membership Leadership Council
Annual Dues $5,000 - $50,000 $75,000
Members-only Newsletters on Key Policy Initiatives
Unlimited PowerSuite Pro Access *
Standing Calls & Working Groups
State & Federal Advocacy Activities
Pathway to 2050 discounted access discounted access
Energy Forward
Sponsorship Opportunities 25% discount 50% discount
CEO Forums & Limited Capacity Events eligible
Visibility at Key Events & for Media Opportunities eligible
Company Priority Briefings for AEE Staff -
Board Seat - eligible

*Access to PowerSuite included as follows: $5,000 - $10,000 dues include Starter, $15,000 dues include Essential, all dues that are $20,000 or more include Pro. See PowerSuite plans for details.