Order 745 and the Future of Demand Response: An Interview with Former FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff

Posted by Webinar on Jan 21, 2015 3:54:00 PM

Recorded on January 21, 2015

Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) closely tracks regulatory issues that impact energy innovation and the future of the nation’s electric grid.

The court proceedings surrounding Order 745 and jurisdiction over demand response (DR) has thrown into question how DR will be managed going forward. This webinar features an in-depth interview with Jon Wellinghoff on the future of this critical resource.

Jon Wellinghoff served as the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) from 2009 to 2013. He has been highly influential in removing the barriers to integration of renewable energy into the electric grid, and has demonstrated strong and consistent leadership on smart grid issues.

During the webinar, former FERC Chairman Wellinghoff was asked to address the following topics:

  • Current status of Order 745: Where do things now stand, and what are the key decisions in the months ahead that will determine the fate of demand response?

  • Winners & losers: Who stands to gain, and who will lose if, in fact, demand response is removed from wholesale markets?

  • Potential impacts: If the initial decision is not overturned, how will this effect rates, reliability, emissions, and energy innovation?

  • States’ perspective: Since a central issue in the court proceedings around Order 745 is federal vs. state jurisdiction over DR, how do the states view the issue? Are they eager to regain control over DR?

This webinar offers critical information to anyone with an interest in smart grid, DR, or the future of demand-side resources. 

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