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Arizona Republic: Extreme heat, rising demand: Arizona utilities warn of blackouts in summers ahead

Posted by Ryan Randazzo on Apr 29, 2022

Arizona Republic examined utilities' concerns over their power supply, quoting AEE's Shelby Stults on how increasing energy efficiency programs and joining a western RTO can help. Read snippets below and the full article here.

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Canary Media: The US needs to build a bigger, stronger grid. FERC has a plan for that

Posted by Jeff St. John on Apr 25, 2022

Canary Media profiled FERC's transmission policy, quoting AEE's Jeff Dennis on how modern infrastructure can better capture the benefits of clean energy. Read snippets below and the full story here.

Over the past nine months, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has been working on a major reform to U.S. transmission-grid policy, one that clean-energy advocates say could determine whether or not the country will be able to build the vast amount of solar and wind power needed to combat climate change.

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Forbes: The $150 Billion Road Electric School Buses Can Ride To Create American Jobs And Protect Kids’ Health

Posted by Sarah Spengeman on Apr 25, 2022

Forbes detailed New York's route to 100% electric buses, citing AEE's Leah Meredith on the benefits of these cutting edge vehicles. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Anyone who has gone to school in the United States remembers the smell of diesel exhaust from riding the iconic yellow school bus, but few realize the danger of breathing those fumes. Thankfully, our children can ride pollution-free, all-electric buses that don’t cause asthma or harm brain development – and electrifying our school bus fleet is worth billions to American manufacturing.

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Colorado Newsline: Petition for faster clean-trucks rule rejected by Colorado air commission

Posted by Chase Woodruff on Apr 21, 2022

Colorado Newsline outlined updates to a Colorado clean transportation requirement, quoting AEE's Emilie Olson on why the state needs to move faster on its advanced clean trucks rulemaking. Read snippets below and the full article here

Advocates for stronger climate action suffered the latest in a long line of defeats in their efforts to accelerate the pace of Colorado’s greenhouse gas policymaking in a meeting of state air commissioners on Thursday.

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Topics: Regulatory, AEE In The News, electric vehicles, Emilie Olson

Utility Dive: Arizona legislature advances bill restricting retail competition in effort to promote reliability

Posted by Iulia Gheorghiu on Apr 21, 2022

Utility Dive detailed the flaws of Arizona House Bill 2101, citing AEE's Shelby Stults on how the measure fails to address energy reliability. Read snippets below and the full article here

The Arizona Senate passed House Bill 2101 on Tuesday, advancing legislation to the governor's desk intended to address reliability issues and prevent blackouts similar to recent disruptions in Texas and California...

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Political Climate Podcast: Rolling out historic infrastructure funding

Posted by Julia Pyper on Apr 21, 2022

Political Climate spoke with Leah Rubin Shen about the IIJA rollout, Biden's climate goals, and clean energy tax credits. Listen to the episode here.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — a historic $1.2 trillion investment package passed by Congress on a bipartisan basis — has received little fanfare since President Biden signed it into law last November. The bill contains more than $80 billion to advance the clean energy transition and respond to climate change. But where exactly will those dollars go?

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Topics: Federal Policy, AEE In The News, Leah Rubin Shen

New York passes historic budget to lead the “charge” on electric school buses

Posted by Cayli Baker on Apr 8, 2022

Newly approved funding sets the state on the fastest timeline in the nation to electrify its 47,000 school buses. 

ALBANY, April 8, 2022 — Today national business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) commended Governor Hochul and the New York legislature for committing to electrify 100% of the state’s 47,000 diesel school buses by 2035. The New York State operating budget solidifies a 2027 target of 100% electric sales for all new school buses, provides funding for charging infrastructure needed to power the transition, and extends lease terms to 12 years from five, offering school districts more flexibility and greater access to the long-term savings these vehicles generate. 

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Utility Dive: Clean energy sector eyes window for passing federal tax breaks amid challenge of high energy prices

Posted by Larry Pearl on Apr 8, 2022

Utility Dive outlined Congress' reconciliation window, citing AEE's Leah Rubin Shen on a the importance of passing clean energy tax credits. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Clean energy stakeholders see a window in the next few months for Congress to pass broad clean energy tax breaks amid high energy prices and an ever-narrowing legislative calendar.

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Topics: Federal Policy, AEE In The News, Leah Rubin Shen

Politico Pro: New York set to mandate zero-emissions school buses by 2035

Posted by Marie French on Apr 7, 2022

Politico Pro summarized New York's landmark electric school bus adoption measures, citing AEE's Ryan Gallentine on the benefits. Read snippets below and the full article here (sub. req.).
The electric bus mandate targets the state's roughly 50,000 school buses that shuttle children every day.
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The Hill: EV leaders want Biden to be more aggressive with Defense Production Act

Posted by Zack Budryk on Apr 3, 2022

The Hill outlined Biden's use of the Defense Production Act, quoting Harry Godfrey and Nat Kreamer expanding its use to encompass battery storage, heat pumps, and more. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Industry figures and environmental groups are urging President Biden to go beyond his initial use of the Defense Production Act (DPA) and seize the opportunity to build out supply chains and infrastructure to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels.  

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Topics: Federal Policy, AEE In The News, Harrison Godfrey, Nat Kreamer