What Happens When Wind and Solar Win on Price?

Posted by Webinar on Jun 25, 2019 1:22:00 PM

Recorded on June 25, 2019

Due to rapidly declining wind and solar costs, renewables are increasingly becoming the cheapest long-term option for energy supply across the country. How are utilities changing their resource planning to account for these trends? What do regulators need to know to oversee a more renewables-heavy power system? What are the opportunities and challenges for renewable energy developers as wind and solar become the primary sources of power?

In this webinar, our expert panel discussed the changing economics of energy, and what the changing resource landscape means for utilities, regulators, and developers. 


  • Mike Hooper, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Legislative Affairs and Strategy, Northern Indiana Public Service Co. (NIPSCO)

  • Matt Langley, Vice President of Origination and Market Intelligence, Pattern Energy

  • Ron Lehr, former Chairman, Colorado Public Utilities Commission

  • Mike O'Boyle, Director of Electricity Policy, Energy Innovation

  • Hannah Polikov, Managing Director, AEE (moderator)

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Topics: 21st Century Electricity System