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Advanced Energy Can Carry Electricity Transformation: IEA

Posted by Industry News on Mar 3, 2014

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a report that shows that the integration of renewables into electricity grids can be done in any country at little cost as compared with the current-fossil-fuel-heavy electricity systems. The report was done using present-day costs for solar PV and wind. According to the IEA, the key to incorporating high levels of wind and solar is for countries to employ renewable energy in a way that supports the grid. It also says that investing in additional flexible generating capacity and improving the operation of the electricy market will help in the incorporation process.

“Integration is not simply about adding wind and solar on top of ‘business as usual. We need to transform the system as a whole to do this cost-effectively” says IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven. Read more here.