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AEE on the President's State of the Union

Posted by Advanced Energy Economy on Jan 30, 2018

Advanced Energy Economy Statement on President Trump’s State of the Union Address

Washington, D.C., January 30, 2018 – National business group Advanced Energy Economy released the following statement on the occasion of President Trump’s State of the Union Address:

“As President Trump delivers his first State of the Union address, we encourage the President to embrace advanced energy as a key part of U.S. energy dominance,” said Malcolm Woolf, Senior Vice President of Policy at Advanced Energy Economy, a national business association. “Last year, we had to fight the Administration’s attempt to skew energy markets against advanced energy. We hope that this year the Administration looks to capitalize on the advanced energy industry's ability to promote secure, clean and affordable energy, not stand in the way of the industry's growth. The $200 billion advanced energy industry – and the more than 3 million advanced energy workers across the United States – can enhance the President’s agenda by driving economic growth, lowering energy bills, and modernizing the electric grid.”

See Malcolm Woolf’s op-ed, “Trump can keep America energy dominant with advanced energy,” on The Hill’s opinion page.

About Advanced Energy Economy
Advanced Energy Economy is a national association of businesses that are making the energy we use secure, clean, and affordable. Advanced energy encompasses a broad range of products and services that constitute the best available technologies for meeting energy needs today and tomorrow. AEE’s mission is to transform public policy to enable rapid growth of advanced energy businesses. AEE and its State and Regional Partner organizations are active in 27 states across the country, representing more than 1,000 companies and organizations in the advanced energy industry. Visit AEE online at

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