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Posted by Lexie Briggs on Apr 25, 2013

The Senate Finance Committee released a white paper today outlining possible federal energy tax changes. The white paper is the fourth in a series of papers presenting tax reform options for consideration as part of the Committee’s broader tax reform efforts. AEE's Malcolm Woolf, senior vice president of policy & government affairs, released the following statement:

There’s a much more effective way to promote the goal of secure, clean, affordable energy than the antiquated, patchwork tax system we’ve got now,” said Malcolm Woolf, AEE Senior Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs. “We are encouraged to see Chairman Baucus and the Committee taking a big picture approach, starting with consideration of broad principles that will be needed to guide tax reform. In the document released today, the Committee acknowledges the need for greater business certainty and the importance of making tax provisions fairer and more efficient. We are particularly pleased that one of the primary reform options identified was transitioning to technology-neutral solutions rather than narrow, technology-specific fixes. The compendium of recent bills and proposals addressing various tax inequities points to the need for a broad, principle-based approach to energy tax reform.

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