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Posted by Various News Outlets on Nov 18, 2015

AEE officially launched the Arkansas State Tool for Electricity Emissions Reduction (STEER) with state-specific CPP compliance options.  The new analytical tool was a topic of interest in many local government and policy reports.   

  • Arkansas News: “Compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s new rule on carbon emissions could have little or no impact on Arkansans’ electric bills, according to a new report by an organization that promotes clean energy.”
  • SouthWest Times Record: "The report comes after the Senate on Tuesday approved two resolutions seeking to block the EPA’s Clean Power Plan”
  • Energy Wire: “A new analysis…suggests Arkansas ratepayers could see a "minimal" increase or even a drop in power prices from U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan.”
  • Booneville Democrat: “[Arkansas STEER] being provided free to a number of states to help in their efforts to comply with the rule”

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