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Devin Hartman and Caitlin Marquis

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Utility Dive: Consumers Shouldn't Pay for Bureaucratic Thinking on Electricity

Posted by Devin Hartman and Caitlin Marquis on Mar 8, 2019

Utility Dive published this commentary by AEE Director Caitlin Marquis and Electricity Consumers Resource Council President and CEO Devin Hartman on a consumer-focused approach to reliability and resilience in energy policy, based on the evolving characteristics of the power industry. See the entire Utility Dive article here

The past two years of federal energy policy debates have focused on two key related areas: reliability and resilience. For more years than that, public debate has centered on the potential challenges associated with the retirement of traditional grid resources like coal and nuclear plants. Throughout all of this, the consumer voice has largely been ignored, instead overruled by incumbent electricity generators and political interests.

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