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Posted by Industry News on Jul 5, 2013

Solar Team Eindhoven (STE), a student-led design bureau at the Eindhoven University of Technology has created the world’s first “full-size” solar car.

With enough room to comfortably fit 4 adults and their luggage, the “Stella” boasts an operating range of just over 350 miles (600km) on a single charge. Merely needing to park in sunlight to recharge – Stella may have birthed an entirely new market on its own.

The Stella utilizes a composite design, featuring carbon and aluminum – making it both lighter and sturdier than many similar electric and solar designs. STE is currently attempting to gain official certification from the Dutch government to allow for full-fledged road use.

“Stella is the first energy-positive car,” the design team says in their press release. “[We] want to contribute to the development of a car for the future, [and] the design demands more than just a focus on speed. Comfort, ease of use, and feasibility are all key terms.” 

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